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Professional growth counseling is subordinate-centered communication that outlines actions necessary for soldiers to achieve individual and organizational goals and objectives. It is imperative for all leaders to conduct professional growth counseling with their soldiers to develop the leaders of tomorrow.
He has been an excellent solider and exceeded standards on every task. Scored 290 on his PT, qualified expert on M4, and 240B, and honor graduate at WLC.

During the last Command Inspection (CI), he received an Exceeds Standards rating for his additional duty. SPC Jones is the essence of the perfect soldier.

PFC Arroyo, you did well to knock out your in-processing and I have noticed that you have an eagerness to learn everything you can, from basic Soldier tasks to MOS-specific tasks.

I'm hoping in the coming months that we can get you and the rest of the squad into some more in-depth training for our MOS since it will help you not only now but later in your career in the Army.

Remember that there are correspondence courses that you can do through JKO and you can also sign up for college courses to further yourself. I noticed that you're signed up for SSD 1 which is good. Continue to work on it since you'll need to have it done before you go to WLC.

Continue to strive as a Soldier and a Imagery Analyst for this unit.

Exceed the Standards!