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Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment

United States Army Alaska (USARAK) Pamphlet 600-2
28 November 2012
a. USARAK and the US Army provide equal opportunity for all Soldiers and Family members, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, or national origin, and also provide an environment free of sexual harassment, unlawful discrimination and offensive behavior. This policy applies on and off post, during duty and non-duty hours, and to working, living, and recreational environments.
b. Each company and battalion sized unit has an NCO appointed as an Equal Opportunity Representative, and there is a full time school trained Equal Opportunity Advisor in each brigade and at USARAK Headquarters. You should know who your company/battery/troop EO Representative is. These EO specialists can answer questions, provide assistance and help to resolve complaints, and you are always welcome to visit them. In most cases, however, the chain of command, when made aware of a potential EO issue, will act quickly to resolve the situation.
c. Gangs and Extremist Groups. The purposes and activities of gangs and extremist organizations are inconsistent with the responsibilities of military service and the Army values. All Soldiers must reject participation in these groups. Joining these organizations is punishable by UCMJ. If a member of a gang or extremist group contacts you, or they try to recruit you, notify your chain of command immediately.
d. Fraternization. In order to maintain good order and discipline, and to enhance mission accomplishment, the Army has established rules for relationships between Soldiers of different ranks which can be found in AR 600-20 There are restrictions on business and social activities between senior and junior enlisted Soldiers. If you are unclear about any of these restrictions, ask your chain of command.
e. The USARAK Equal Opportunity Office is located at JBER in Room 229, Bldg 1, (384-0336); at Fort Wainwright in APT 3, Bldg 1049 (353-9234).