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Environmental Issues

United States Army Alaska (USARAK) Pamphlet 600-2
28 November 2012
a. Protecting our environment is everyone’s responsibility. Failure to do so can result in prosecution as a federal offense. All Soldiers must know what they can and cannot do.
b. Accidental spills of hazardous waste or hazardous materials may damage the environment, sometimes severely so. These materials include battery acid, oil-based paints, organic paint thinners and solvents, pesticides, and petroleum products, oils and lubricants.
c. When changing oil in your POV or tactical vehicle, be sure to collect all used oil and dispose of it properly either at a service station or at your local hazardous waste collection facility.
d. Always take immediate measures to contain a spill (depending on your level of hazardous material response training). Large spills of extremely flammable or otherwise hazardous materials normally require a higher level of response. Your first duty should be to report the spill and request assistance.
e. Spills of any type should be reported to the fire department first and then to the environmental division. Please call 911 at each installation or call the JBER fire department at 384-0774 or Fort Wainwright fire department at 353-7470.
f. The Environmental Division of the Director of Public Works also distributes a guide for Soldiers and leaders called the Environmental Handbook. Please call 384- 3295/2711 for a handbook.