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Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (FWA), Service members (JBER)

United States Army Alaska (USARAK) Pamphlet 600-2
28 November 2012
Each company and battalion sized unit will have BOSS representatives on appointment orders. Per DA Circular 608-06-1 dated 7 October 2006; the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) Program supports the overall quality of life for single and unaccompanied Soldiers. The BOSS Program supports the chain of command by identifying quality of life issues and concerns and recommending improvements. It encourages and assists single Soldiers in identifying and planning recreational and leisure activities. It provides an opportunity for single Soldiers to participate in and contribute to their respective communities. It is also intended to enhance command authority, prerogative, and responsibility in maintaining standards of conduct, good order and discipline. Although the BOSS Program is intended for single Soldiers, it can include single parents and unaccompanied Soldiers. Guests and all authorized Morale, Welfare, and Recreation patrons may participate in any BOSS Program event and should be encouraged to do so. For detailed information on the BOSS Program, refer to DA Circular 608-06-1. For information on the USARAK BOSS Program you can contact Soldier representatives at JBER at 384-9023 and at Fort Wainwright at 353-9452. For information on the USARAK Better Opportunities for Single Parents contact 384-1006.