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The new Army Service Uniform

The new Army Service Uniform is rooted in tradition. In March 1778, a Congressional resolution directed General George Washington to prescribe a service uniform. The resolution "authorized and directed the Commander in Chief, according to circumstances of supplies of Clothing, to fix and prescribe the uniform, as well with regard to color and facings as the cut of fashion of the Clothes to be worn by the troops of the respective States and regiments."
General Washington issued a general order October 1779 "prescribing blue coats with differing facings for the various state troops, artillery, artillery artificers and light dragoons. The Adjutant & Inspector General's Office, March 27, 1821 established "Dark blue is the National colour. When a different one is not expressly prescribed, all uniform coats, whether for officers or enlisted men, will be of that colour."
The blue uniform is part of our bloodline. It links today's warriors to their heritage and connects them to warriors past. In addition to connecting to our tradition, the adoption of the new Army Service Uniform consolidates our service uniforms reflecting utility, simplicity and quality. Streamlining our service uniforms reduces the clothing burden on Soldiers and provides our world-class Soldiers with world-class uniform that honors them, their service and Army heritage.

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