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This site contains a comprehensive list of U.S. military terms and definitions.

S Secret
/s/ Signature
S-1 Personnel Staff Officer
S-2 Intelligence Staff Officer; Brigade, Battalion, and Armored Cavalry
S-3 Operations Staff Officer
SA (1) Logistics Staff Officer; (2) Special Access; (3) Situational Awareness (4) Signals Analysis; (5) Surface-to-Air; used to identify FSU Surface-to-Air Missiles, e.g., SA-7/GRAIL; (6) Situation Assessment; (7) Security Assistance; (8) Special Agent; (9) Stand Alone; (10) Secretary of the Army; (11) Systems
Administrator; (12) Strategic Attack
SAA (1) Special Area Assessments; (2) Strategic Air Army
SAAC Strategic Analysis Applications Center
SAAM Special Assignment Airlift Mission
SAASE Standard Data Element-Based Automated Architecture Support Environment
SACC Supporting Arms Coordination Center
SACCS Strategic Air Command Automated Command & Control System
SACS (1) Secure Access Control System; (2) STU-III Access Control System
SAE Service Acquisition Executive
SAB Subject as Above
SAC (1) Strategic Air Command; (2) Scientific Advisory Committee; (3) Senate Appropriations Committee
SACDIN SAC Digital Network
SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (NATO)
SACLANT Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic (NATO)
SACLANTREPEUR SACLANT Representative in Europe
SACOM Southern Area Command
SACOS SAC Operational Staff
SACWARNS (1) Strategic Air Command Indications and Warning; (2) SAC Warning System
SADARM Sense and Destroy Armor
SADF South African Defense Force
SADO Senior Air Defense Officer
SADT Structured Analysis Design Technique
SAEDA Subversion and Espionage Directed Against the Army
SAF (1) Soviet (FSU) Air Force; (2) Source Acquisitions File; (3) Secretary of the Air Force; (4) US Air Force Staff
SAFE (1) Support for the Analysts’ File Environment; (2) Selected Area for Evasion
SAFF Safing, Arming, Fuzing, and Firing
SAF/O/T Security Assistance Force/Organization/Team
SAG (1) Study Advisory Group; (2) Surface Action Group; (3) Strategic Advisory Group
SAGE Semiautomatic Ground Environment (Radar)
SAI Strategic Command Administrative Instruction
SAIB Safe Area Intelligence Brief
SAID Safe Area Intelligence Description
SAIS Strategic Aerospace Intelligence System
SAL (1) Strategic Arms Limitation; (2) Submarine Alerting and Locating
SALT (1) Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; (2) Supporting Arms Liaison Team
SALUTE Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, Equipment (spot report format)
SAM (1) Surface-to-Air Missile; (2) Summary Assessment Matrix
SAMOB Surface-to-Air Missile Order of Battle
SAMSO Space And Missile System Organization
SAMT State of the Art Medium Terminals
SAO (1) Special Access/Activities Office; (2) Select Attack Option; (3) Special Access Only; (4) Security Assistance Organization; (5) Security Assistance Office
SAOB FSU Air Order of Battle
SAOC (1) Space Actions Officers Course; (2) Sector Air Operations Center
SAOCS Submarine/Aircraft Optical Communications System
SAP (1) Special Access Program; (2) System Acquisition Plan
SAPAS Semiautomatic Population Analysis System
SAR (1) Search and Rescue; (2) Synthetic Aperture Radar; (3) Special Access Required; (4) Sea-Air Rescue
SARC Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center
SARDA Secretary of the Army for Research, Development and Acquisition
SARP Storage and Retrieval Processor
SARPF Strategic Air Relocatable Processing Facility
SARSAT Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking
SART Strategic Aircraft Recovery Team
SARV Strategic Aerospace Reconnaissance Vehicle
SAS (1) Strategic Area Study; (2) Strategic Aerospace Summary; (3) Special Activities Squadron; (4) Support to Analyst Subsystem; (5) Survivable Adaptive Systems
SASC Senate Armed Services Committee
SASM Strategic Air-to-Surface Missile
SASS (1) Small Aerostat Surveillance System; (2) Systems Acquisition Support Services
SAT (1) Satellite; (2) Staff Augmentation Team; (3) Satisfactory
SATCOM Satellite Communications
SATCOMA Satellite Communications Agency (U.S. Army)
SATKA Surveillance, Acquisition, Tracking, and Kill Assessment
SATRAN (1) Satellite Reconnaissance Advanced Notice; (2) Satellite Transmission
SATS Southwest Asia Telecommunications System
SATVUL Satellite Vulnerability
SAVE Situation Analysis and Vulnerability Estimate
SAVI Systems Analysis of Vulnerability to Intrusion
SAWC Special Air Warfare Center
SAWG Simulation and Analysis Working Group
SAWIC Strike and Amphibious Warfare Intelligence Center
SAWS Submarine Analyst Work Station
SAWVS Satellite Attack Warning and Verification System
SB Sentinel Byte
S-BAND 2 to 4 GHz
SBB Sustained Bare Base
SBI (1) Special Background Investigation; (2) Space-Based Interceptor
SBIRS Space-based Infrared Radar System
SBIS Sustaining Base Information Services
SBKKV Space-Based Kinetic Kill Vehicle
SBL Space-Based Laser
SBM Single-Point Mooring Buoy
SBR (1) Special Boat Squadron; (2) Space-Based Radar
SBS Site Backbone Segment
SBSS Space-Based Surveillance System
SBU (1) Special Boat Unit; (2) Sensitive but Unclassified
SBWASS Space-Based Wide-Area Surveillance System
SC (1) Science Committee (NATO); (2) Signal Corps; (3) Security Code; (4) Signal Company; (5) System Center; (6) Structural Category; (7) Screen Commander or Coordinator; (8) Air Force Communications-Computers Directorate; (9) Submarine Conversion
SCA Service Cryptologic Agency
SCAD Subsonic Cruise Armed Decoy
SCAMP Sensor Control and Management Platoon
SCAMPI SOF C3I Telecommunications System
SCARE Standard Collection Asset Request Format
SCATANA Security Control of Air Traffic and Air Navigation Aids
SCC (1) Special Coordination Committee; (2) Standing Consultative Commission (SALT); (3) Surveillance Coordination Center; (4) System Control Center; (5) Space Control Center; (6) Service Component Commander
SC CAT SOUTHCOM Crisis Action Team
SCC(I) Special Coordination Committee (Intelligence)
SCCP Single-Channel Command Post
SCCS-R Single-Channel Collection System - Rear
SCCTV Secure Closed-Circuit Television
SCDL Surveillance and Control Data Link (JSTARS)
SCE Service Cryptologic Element
SCF Satellite Control Facility
SCF-UK Save the Children Federation-UK
SCG Special Consultative Group (NATO)
SCI (1) Sensitive Compartmented Information or Information Programs; (2) Source Code Indicator
SCIBS Sensitive Compartmented Information Billet System
SCIC State Crime Information Center
SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCIM Subject Codes for Intelligence Management
SCIMITAR System for Countering Interdiction Missiles and Target Radars
SCINET Sensitive Compartmented Information Network (DoDIIS)
SCIP Special Communications Intelligence Package
SCIPMIS Standard Civilian Personnel Management Information System
SCIPS Sensitive Compartmented Information Processing System
SCIS Survivable Communication Information System
SCISS SOUTHCOM Intelligence Support System
SCI-VTC Sensitive Compartmented Information-Video Teleconferencing
SCL Standard Conventional Load
SCLNO SOUTHCOM Liaison Officer
SCM Security Countermeasures
SCN Satellite Control Network
SCO (1) Service Cryptologic Organizations; (2) Sub-Control Office
SCOLA Satellite Communications for Learning
SCORE Signal Communications by Orbiting Relay Equipment
SCOTT Single-Channel Objective Tactical Terminal
SCP Secure Conferencing Project
SCPC Single Channel per Carrier
SCS (1) Signal Collection System; (2) Satellite Control Squadron
SCSC SOUTHCOM Support Center
SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface
SCT (1) Single-Channel Terminal; (2) Single-Channel Transponder
SCUBA Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SCUD Nickname of a Missile System
SD (1) Space Director; (2) Standard Displacement; (3) Senior Director; (4) Security Division; (5) Strategic Command Directive
SDA (1) Ships Destination Authority; (2) Strike Damage Assessment
S&DA Strike and Damage Assessment
SDB Space Data Base
SDC (1) Strategic Dissemination Company; (2) Strategic Defense Command
SDD Secure Data Device
SDF Structured Data Fields
SDHS Satellite Data Handling System
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative
SDIE Special Defense Intelligence Estimate
SDIN (1) Secure Digital Information Network; (2) Special Defense Intelligence Notice
SDIO Strategic Defense Initiative Organization
SDIS Switched Digital Integrated Service
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control
SDM Standoff Destructive Munition
SDMA Spaced Division Multiple Access
SDMS SINET Data Management System
SDNRIU Secure Digital Network Radio Interface Unit
SDNS Secure Data Network System
SDO System Development Office
SDOB Scaled Depth of Burst
SDR (1) Source-Directed Requirements; (2) System Design Review
SDS (1) Satellite Data System; (2) SIGINT Direct Support; (3) Satellite Dissemination System; (4) Secondary Dissemination System; (5) Strategic Defense System; (6) Switched Data Services; (7) Spatial Data Server; (8) Small Digital Switch
SDV (1) Swimmer Delivery Vehicle; (2) SEAL Delivery Vehicle
SDVT SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team
SDYS Studies
SE Southeastern
SEA (1) Southeast Asia; (2) Senior Enlisted Advisor
SEABEE Navy Construction Battalion Personnel
SEALANCE Anti-Submarine Warfare Standoff Weapons (ASW/SOW)
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defense
SEADS Southeast Air Defense Sector
SEAGA Selective Employment Air Ground Alert Forces
SEAL Sea/Air/Land
SEASTAG SEATO Standardization Agreement
SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
SEAWATCH NOSIC On-Line Computer System
SEC (1) Second; (2) Section; (3) Submarine Element Coordinator
SECAF Secretary of the Air Force
SECARMY Secretary of the Army
SECC Survivable Enduring Command Center
SECCLEAR Security Clearance (Management System)
SECDEF Secretary of Defense
SECNAV Secretary of the Navy
SECOM Security Committee
SECS Survivable and Enduring Communications System
SECSTATE Secretary of State
SECTY Security
SED Simulated Electronic Deception
SEDSCAF Standard ELINT Data System Codes and Formats
SEE (1) System Engineering and Evaluation; (2) Softcopy Exploitation Environment
SEEI Special Essential Elements of Information
SEEK Soviet Emigre Exploitation Kit
SEI Specific Emitter Identification
SEIP Senior Enlisted Intelligence Program
SEIS Survivable and Enduring Intelligence System
SELA Latin American Economic System
SELORS Ship Emitter Locating Reports
SELMON Selective Monitoring
SEMA Special Electronic Mission Aircraft
SEMEC SOF Enhanced Moldable Explosive Change
SEN (1) Small Extension Node; (2) Space Engagement Node
SEOS SIGINT/Electronic Warfare Operating System
SEP (1) Selective Employment Plan (NATO); (2) Separate
SEPA FSU Extended Planning Annex
SEPS NATO Selective Employment Plan
SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape
SERER Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape, and Recovery
SERNO Serial Number
SES (1) Surface Effects Ship; (2) Systems Engineering Study; (3) Senior Executive Service; (4) Sensor Employment Squadron; (5) Softcopy Exploitation System; (6) Societe European Des Satellites
SESOCC Southeastern Sector Operations Control Center
SESS Space Environment Sensor Suite
SET Sensor Employment Teams
SETAF Southern European Task Force
SEVOCCS Secure Voice Command and Control System
SEVOX Secure Voice
SEWC Space and Electronic Warfare Commander
SEWCC SIGINT/Electronic Warfare Coordination Center
SEWS (1) Satellite Early Warning System; (2) SIGINT Electronic Warfare Subsystem
SF (1) Special Forces; (2) Standard Form
SFA Security Fault Analysis
SFAT Strategic Forces Advisory Team
SFD Saturated Flux Density
SFEM Space Forces Engagement Model
SFG Special Forces Group
SFG-A Special Forces Group-A
SFG(A) Special Forces Group (Airborne)
SFOA Special Forces Operations Area
SFOB (1) Special Forces Operating Base; (2) Soviet (FSU) Forces Order of Battle
SFOD Special Forces Operational Detachment
SFODA Special Forces Operational Detachments-A
SFOD-D First Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta
SFOS Special Forces Operating System
SFQC Special Forces Qualification Course
SFR Statement of Functional Requirement
SFRD Safe Functional Requirements Document
SFT Secure Fault Tolerant
SFTL Strategic Future Targets List
SFUG Security Features Users Guide
SGB SOUTHCOM Ground Order of Battle
SGDPS Second Generation Data Processing System
SGEMP System Generated Electromagnetic Pulse
SGF (1) Southern Group of Forces (Soviet Forces in Hungary); (2) Synthetic Aperture Radar Ground Facility
SGS (1) Secretary to the General Staff; (2) Squadron Ground Station
SGT (1) Satellite Ground Terminal; (2) Sergeant
SHA Secure Hast Algorithm
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (NATO)
SHARES Shared HF Resources
SHC Supreme High Command
SHF Super High Frequency
SHED Special Handling and Evaluation Detachment
SHELREP Shell Report
SHF Super High Frequency
SHOP Special Handling for Operations Purposes
SHORAD Short-Range Air Defense
SI (1) Special Intelligence; (2) Special Instructions
S&IA Security and Investigative Activities
SIAB Senior Imagery Advisory Board
SIAD Strategic Imagery Analysis Detachment
SIAP Strategic Intelligence Architecture Program
SIB Special Intelligence Brief
SIC (1) Subject Indicator Code (NATO message code); (2) System Integration Configuration
SICAM SIGINT Control and Analysis Module
SICR Specific Intelligence Collection Requirement
SID (1) Secondary Imagery Dissemination; (2) Subscriber Identification
SID(S) Selective Imagery Dissemination (System)
SIDA Single Integrated Data Base
SIDAC Single Integrated Damage Assessment Code
SIDPAC Strategic Imagery Detachment Pacific
SIDS Secondary Imagery Dissemination System
SIE Space Intelligence Element
SIF Special Interrogation Facility
SIFR Special Intelligence Functional Requirement
Sig Signal
SIGCEN U.S. Army Signal Center
SIG-I Senior Interagency Group for Intelligence
SIGINT Signals Intelligence
SIGSEC Signals Security
SII Statement of Intelligence Interest
SIIR Special Imagery Interpretation Report
SIL Systems Integration Laboratory
SIM (1) Sensor Interface Module; (2) Systems Integration Management
SIMIR USSTRATCOM IDHS Monthly Integration Review
SIMM Single Inline Memory Module
SIMNET Single Channel Ground/Airborne Radio Sub-Systems
SIMP Space Intelligence Master Plan
SIMS SOUTHCOM Intelligence Management System
SINCGARS (1) Single Integrated Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Subsystems; (2) Single Channel Ground-to-Air Radio System
SINET Strategic Intelligence Network
SIO (1) Senior Intelligence Officer; (2) Space Intelligence Officer; (3) Ship’s Intelligence Officer
SIOP Single Integrated Operational Plan
SIORI Self-Initiated Operational Readiness Inspection
SIPE Strategic Intelligence Processing Element
SIPRNET Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
SIR (1) Shuttle Imaging Radar; (2) Specific Information Requirements; (3) Spectrum Interferance Resolution
SIRADS Shared Imagery Repository and Dissemination System
SIRCS Shipborne Intermediate-Range Combat System
SIREP Sensitive Information Report
SIRVES SIGINT Requirements Validation and Evaluation Subcommittee (of SIGINT Committee)
SIS (1) Significant Indications Summary; (2) Space Intelligence System; (3) Special Intelligence Support; (4) Selective Inquiry System; (5) Special Information System
SISOCS Army Logistics/Maintenance Depot Data Network
SISR SIGINT Security Regulation
SISS (1) Survivable Intelligence Support to SlOP; (2) Subcommittee on Information Systems Security of the NSTISSC
SISUM Sensitive Information Summary
SIT Specialized Investigations Team
SITAS Strategic Industrial Target Analysis Systems
SITDEV Situation Development
SITMAP Situation Map
SITREP Situation Report
SITS Secondary Imagery Transmission System
SITSUM Situation Summary
SITTP (US)STRATCOM Intelligence Tactics, Techniques, and
Procedures for Strategic Operations
SIW Strategic Intelligence Wing
SJA Staff Judge Advocate
SJCS Secretary, Joint Chiefs of Staff
SKCATL South Korea Conventional Air Target List
SKE Station-Keeping Equipment
SKYLINK Communications System Provided by the Diplomatic
Telecommunications System
SKYNET United Kingdom Military Communications Satellite
SL Sea Level
SLA Special U.S. Liaison Advisor
SLAM Standoff Land Attack Missile (Navy)
SLAR Side-Looking Airborne Radar
SLAT Surface-Launched Air-Targeted
SLBM Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile
SLC Space Launch Complex
SLCM (1) Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile; (2) Sea-Launched Cruise Missile
SLDCOM Satellite Launch Dispenser Communications
SLED Safe Low-Energy Detonators
SLEP Service Life Extension Program
SLF Super Low Frequency
SLFCS Survivable Low Frequency Communications System
SLGR Small Lightweight Global Positioning System Receiver
SLIP Serial Line Interface Protocol
SLMM U.S. Submarine-Launched Mobile Mine
SLO Space Liaison Officer
SLOC Sea Lines of Communication
SLOC(S) Sea Line(s) of Communication
SLR Side-Looking Radar
SLS Space Launch Squadrons
SLSSM Submerged-Launched Surface-to-Surface Missile
SLV Space Launch Vehicle
SM (1) Memorandum by the Secretary, JCS; (2) Statute Mile; (3) Service Member; (4) Security Monitor; (5) Smart Modules
SMAA Submarine Movement Advisory Authority
S/MANCO Space/Missile Analyst NCO
SMANCO Space/Missile Analyst NCO
SMART-T Secure Mobile Antijam Reliable Tactical Terminal
SMCC Survivable Mobile Command Center
SMDPS Strategic Mission Data Preparation System
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMEB Significant Military Exercise Brief
S/MEO Space/Missile Event Office
SMG Standard Mail Guard
SMIOC Senior Military Intelligence Officers’ Conference
SMLM Soviet (FSU) Military Liaison Mission
SMM (1) Spatial Model Matching; (2) Special Mission Mandatory Modification
SMO (1) Support to Military Operations; (2) Senior METOC Officer; (3) Special Mission Optional Modification
SMOB Strategic Missile Order of Battle
SMOTEC Special Missions Operational Test and Evaluation Center
SMP Soviet Military Power (the publication)
SMPAS Space Mission Payload Assessment System
SMR Sources, Methods, and Rationale
SMS Stand-Alone Analysis Subsystems
SMTP Single Mail Transfer Protocol
SMU Secure Mobile Unit
SNA (1) Soviet Naval Aviation; (2) System Network Architecture
SNAP Soviet (FSU) Nuclear Artillery Projectile
SNCCDIPP Selected Non-Communist Countries DIPP
SNDV Strategic Nuclear Delivery Vehicles
SNF (1) Short-Range Nuclear Forces; (2) Secret NOFORN
SNI Soviet (FSU) Naval Infantry
SNIE Special National Intelligence Estimate
SNIP Soviet (FSU) Naval Imagery Panel
SNM Special Nuclear Materials
SNMS Security and Network Management Segment
SNO Special Naval Operations
SNR Signal-to-Noise
SNS Shared Network Server
SNUTR SIGINT Numerical Tasking Register
SO Special Operations
SO/LIC Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict
SOA (1) Special Operations Aviation; (2) Special Operations Area; (3) Speed of Advance
SOAB (1) Special Operations Aviation Battalion; (2) Special Operations Aviation Brigade
SOAC (1) Special Operations Aviation Command; (2) Special Operations Aviation Company; (3) Special Operations Acquisition Center
SOAD Special Operations Aviation Detachment
SOADS Special Operations Automated Data System
SOAE Deputy for Acquisition and Acquisition Executive
SOAG Special Operations Aviation Group
SOAR (1) Special Operations Aviation Regiment; (2) Special Operations Analytical Reports
SOARS Satellite On-Board Attack Reporting System
SOB Space Order of Battle
SOC (1) Special Operations Command; (2) Special Operations Capable; (3) Sector Operations Center; (4) Special Operations Craft
SOCACOM Special Operations Command-Atlantic Command
SOCC (1) Sector Operational Control Center; (2) Special Operations Control Center
SOCCE (1) Special Operations Command Communications Element; (2) Special Operations Command and Control Element
SOCCENT (1) Special Operations Command Center; (2) Special Operations Command Component, CENTCOM
SOCCMO Special Operations Command Collection Management Office
SOCCS Special Operations Combat Control Squadron
SOCCT Special Operations Combat Control Team
SOCDSS Special Operations Command Deployable Support Set
SOCET Special Operations Command Extraction Tool
SOCEUR Special Operations Command, Europe
SOCJIC United States Special Operations Command Joint Intelligence Center
SOCKOR Special Operations Command, Korea
SOC-K Special Operations Command, Korea
SOCLANT Special Operations Command, Atlantic
SOCLITE Special Operations Command Laptop
SOCOM Special Operations Command
SOCOORD Special Operations Coordination Element
SOCOS Special Operations Command Operating Staff
SOCPAC Special Operations Command, Pacific
SOCRATES Special Operations Command Research, Analysis, and Threat Evaluation System
SOCSIDS Special Operations Command - Secondary Imagery Dissemination System
SOCSO Special Operations Command, South
SOCSOUTH Special Operations Command, South
SOD Special Operations Detachment
SODARS Special Operations Debriefing and Retrieval System
SOEAID Special Operations Executive Aide
SOF Special Operations Forces
SOF-IV Special Operations Forces-Intelligence Vehicle
SOF C4I Special Operations Forces Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
SOF-MOSS SOF Modular Remote Sensing System
SOFA Status of Forces Agreement
SOFATS Special Operations Forces Aircrew Training System
SOFCOM Special Operations Forces Command
SOF EW Special Operations Forces Enhanced Weapons
SOFPAC Special Operating Forces, Pacific
SOFI Special Operations Forces Improvements
SOF IRIS Special Operations Forces Imagery Receiver and Intelligence System
SOFIST Foreign Instrumentation Signals Requirement (a collection management software application)
SOFLAM Special Operations Forces Laser Acquisition Marker
SOFPARS Special Operations Forces Planning and Rehearsal System
SOF PLD Special Operations Forces Protection Laser Defense
SOFPREP Special Operations Forces Planning, Rehearsal and Execution Preparation
SOF PSA Special Operations Forces Power Supply Assembly
SOFSA Special Operations Forces Support Activity
SOFTACS Special Operations Forces Tactical Assured Connectivity System
SOG Special Operations Group
SOH SOF Offensive Handgun
SOHFRAD Special Operations HF Radio
SOHI Seminar on Human Intelligence
SOI (1) Signal Operating Instructions; (2) Signal of Interest; (3) Space Object Identification
SOIC (1) Space Operational Intelligence Center; (2) Senior Official of the Intelligence Community; (3) Special Operations Intelligence Center
SOICS Special Operations Improved Cryptographic System
SOIF Special Operational Intelligence Folders
SOIN Special Operations Intelligence Notes
SOINT Staff Officer Intelligence
SOIPS Special Operations Imagery Production System
SOIS Special Operations Intelligence System
SOISUM Space Object Identification Summary
SOIT Seminar on International Terrorism
SOIWSD Special Operations Information Warfare Support Demonstration
SOJ (1) Sea of Japan; (2) Stand-Off Jamming
SOJTF Special Operations Joint Task Force
SOLANT South Atlantic
SOLARS SAC On-Line Analysis and Retrieval System
SOLE Special Operations Liasion Element
SOLIS SIGINT On-Line Intelligence (or Information) System
SOLL Special Operations Low Level
SOLOG Special Operations Logistics System
SOMA Status of Mission Agreement
SOME Satellite Orbit Mission Evaluation
SOMOB Strategic Offensive Missile Order of Battle
SOMPF Special Operations Mission Planning Folder
SOMS Special Operations Media System
SON Statement of Need
SONAR Sound Navigation and Ranging
SONET Synchronous Optical Network
SONI Seminar on National Intelligence
SONMET Special Operations Naval Mobile Environmental Teams
SOO Space Operations Officer
SOP (1) Standard Operating Procedure(s); (2) Senior Officer Present
SOPE Special Operations Planning Exercise
SOPEO Special Operations Program Executive Officer
SOPIF Special Operations Photographic Interpretation Facility
SOPM Special Operations Program Manager
SOPPC Special Operations Photo Processing Cell
SOPPREP Special Operation Forces Planning, Rehearsal, and Execution System
SOPS (1) Space Operations Squadron; (2) Special Operations Power Sources
SOR (1) Specific Orders and Requests; (2) Statement of Requirements
SORD System Operational Requirements Document
SORDAC Special Operations Research, Development and Acquisition Center
SORFMS Special Operations Radio Frequency Management System
SORS (1) Specific Order or Requests; (2) SIGINT Overhead Reconnaissance Subcommittee
SORTIEALOT Sortie Allotment
SORTIC Seminar on Reconnaissance and Technical Information Collection
SORTS Status of Resources and Training System
SOS (1) International Distress Signal (2) Squadron Officers’ School; (3) Special Operations Squadron
SOSC Special Operations Support Command
SOSS Satellite Ocean Surveillance System
SOSST Special Operations Small Secure Transceiver
SOST Special Operations Special Technology
SOSTI Seminar on Scientific and Technical Intelligence
SOSOS U.S. Sound Surveillance System
SOT-A Special or Support Operations Team-Alpha
SOTA SIGINT Operational Tasking Authority
SOTAS Standoff Target Acquisition System
SOT-B Special or Support Operations Team-Bravo
SOTF (1) Special Operations Task Force; (2) Security Operations Training Facility
SOTSE Special Operations Theater Support Element
SOTVS Special Operations Tactical Video System
SOTW Special Operations Training Wing
SOUTHAM South America
SOUTHCOM Southern Command
SOVPACFLT Soviet Pacific Fleet
SOW (1) Statement of Work; (2) Special Operations Wing
SOW/TE Special Operations Weather/Technical Element
SOWG Special Operations Working Group
SOWT Special Operations Weather Team
SP (1) Self-Propelled; (2) Shore Patrol; (3) Security Police
SPA (1) Special PSYOP Analysis; (2) Special PSYOP Assessment
SPACDEFENSE Space Defense and Operations/Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile System
SPACC Space Command Center
SPACEAF Space Air Force (14 AF)
SPACING Space Processing and Collection Internals Group
SPAD Special Advisor
SPADATS Space Detection and Tracking System
SPADCCS Space Defense Command and Control System
SPADOC Space Defense Operations Center
SPADVOS Spaceborne Direct View Optical Scanner
SPAF Special Airfield File
SPAIS South Pacific Air Intelligence System
SPAN Security Policy Automation Network
SPATS Strategic Posture and Aerospace Threat Summary
SPB Special Projects Branch (NATO)
SPC SIGINT Processing Center
SPCL Special Purpose Communications Link
SPD Strategic Posture Display
SPEAR (1) Signal Processing, Evaluation, Alert and Reporting; (2) SOF Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements
SPEC Counterterrorism Database
Spec Nav Special Navy Program
SPECAT Special Category (Pneumatic Tube Message Precedence)
SPECBOATRON Special Boat Squadron
SPECBOATUNIT Special Boat Unit
Spectre AC-130 H/U Gunship
SPECWAR Special Warfare
SPETSNAZ Soviet (FSU) Special Purpose Forces
SPF (1) Special Purpose Forces; (2) Single Point of Failure
SPG (1) Self-Propelled Gun; (2) Softcopy Products Group
SPIES Special Insertion and Extraction System
SPIN Space Intelligence Notes
SPINS Special Instructions
SPINTCOM Special Intelligence Communications (Network)
SPIREP Spot Intelligence Report
SPIRES Special Intelligence Reports
SPIRIT Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal
SPK Single Point Key(ing)
SPO Special Project Officer
SPOC Space Operations Center
SPOD Sea Ports of Debarkation
SPOE Sea Ports of Embarkation
SPOT Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre (French)
SPOTREP Spot Report
SPP Shared Production Program
SPR Strategic Petroleum Reserve
SPRAA Strategic Plans and Research Analysis Agency
SPS Scratch Pad Store
SPS Special PSYOP Study
SPSS Secured Packet Switched Service
SPT Support
SPTCONF Support Confirmation
SPTD Supported
SPTG Supporting
SPTREQ Support Request
SQ (1) Square; (2) Squadron
SQD Squad
SQDN Squadron
SQL (1) Standard Query Language; (2) Structured Query Language
SQN Squadron
SR (1) Special Reconnaissance; (2) Short Range; (3) Southern Region; (4) Senior
SRBM Short-Range Ballistic Missile
SRF SIGINT Readiness Facility
SRHIT Small Radar-Homing Intercept Technology (BMD Missile)
SRIG Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Group
SRIS Surface Range Imaging System
SROC Southern Region Operations Center
SRIG Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Group
SRJOIC Southern Region Joint Operations Intelligence Center
SRAM U.S. Short-Range Attack Missile
SRAMII U.S. Short-Range Attack Missile (XAGM-131A; formerly AASM)
SRAM-T Short Range Attack Missile - Tactical
SRB Senior Review Board
SRBM Short-Range Ballistic Missile
SRC Strategic Reconnaissance Center
SRCU SINCGARS Remote Control Unit
SRD (1) System Requirements Document; (2) Special Research Detachment (U.S. Army)
SRF (1) Strategic Rocket Forces (USSR); (2) Strategic Reserve Forces; (3) Secure Reserve Force (U.S.); (4) Selected Reserve Force; (5) SIGINT Readiness Facility; (6) SPIRIT Remote Facility (TROJAN)
SRFTL Secure Reserve Force Target List
SRI Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Intelligence
SRIG Surveillance/Reconnaissance Intelligence Group
SRINF Short-Range, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
SRJOIC Southern Region Joint Operational Intelligence Center
SRMIS Southern Region Maritime Intelligence Summary
SRO Sensitive Reconnaissance Operations
SROE Standing Rules of Engagement
SRP (1) Sealift Readiness Program; (2) SIOP Reconnaissance Plan
SRR (1) Survival, Recovery and Reconstitution; (2) Security Requirements Review
SRS (1) Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron; (2) Software Requirements Specification
SRSG Special Representative to the Secretary-General
SRT (1) Strategic Relocatable Target; (2) Standard Remote Terminals
SRW Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
SRWG Standing Requirements Working Group
SS Attack Submarine
SSA (1) Security Supporting Assistance; (2) Diesel-Powered Auxiliary Submarine; (3) Special Support Activity; (4) SIGINT Support Activity; (5) Soviet (FSU) Strategic Aviation
SSAN (1) Social Security Account Number; (2) Nuclear-Powered Auxiliary Submarine
SSB (1) Ballistic Missile Submarine; (2) Standard Software Base; (3) Single Sideband
SSB Ballistic Missile Submarine
SSBN Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine
SSBSC Single Sideband, Suppress Carrier
SSC (1) Coastal Submarine; (2) Space Surveillance Center; (3) Surface Support Craft
SSCC Special Security Communications Center
SSCI Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
SSD Strategic Studies Detachment
SSE Special Security Element
SSES Ships Signal Exploitation Space
SSF (1) Software Support Facility; (2) Special Service Force
SSG (1) Cruise Missile Attack Submarine; (2) Special Security Group
SSGN Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile Attack Submarine
SSI (1) Specialty Skill Identifier; (2) Safety, Security and Intelligence
SSIXS Submarine Satellite Information Exchange Subsystem
SSJ Self-Screening Jamming
SSLP Transport Submarine
SSLSM Single-Source Logistics Support Manager
SSM (1) Surface-to-Surface Missile; (2) Midget Submarine
SSM/I Sensor System Microwave Imager
SSM/T Sensor System Microwave/Temperature
SSMA Spread Spectrum Multiple Access
SSME Spread Spectrum Modulation Equipment
SSMO SIGINT Support to Military Operations
SSMOB Surface-to-Surface Missile Order of Battle
SSMP Security System Management Plan
SSN (1) Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine; (2) Social Security Number; (3) Space Surveillance Network
SSO (1) Special Security Office; (2) Special Security Office(r)
SSO-INT Senior Staff Officer-Intelligence (Canadian)
SSP (1) SIGINT Support Plan; (2) Scheduled Strike Program (NATO); (3) Single-Shot Probability of Damage; (4) Single-Source Processor; (5) SIOP Support Program
SSP-S Single Source Processor-SIGINT
SSQ Auxiliary Submarine, Communications
SSQN Nuclear-Powered Auxiliary Submarine, Communications
SSR (1) Radar Picket Submarine; (2) Secondary Surveillance Radar; (3) Special Security SSRS Representative SIGINT Surveillance and Reporting System
SSS (1) Staff Summary Sheet; (2) Systems Science and Software; (3) System Support Segment; (4) Special Support Section
SSSP Single-Source SIGINT Processor
SST (1) Training Submarine; (2) System Specific Threat; (3) Supersonic Transport; (4) Single Subscriber Terminal; (5) Safe Secure Transport; (6) Strategic Support Team; (7) Space Support Team
SSTO Single-Stage-To-Orbit
SSTS Space Surveillance and Tracking System
SSUS Spin-Stabilized Upper Stage
ST (1) SEAL Team; (2) Strategic Task; (3) Short Tons
S&T Scientific and Technical
S&TI Scientific and Technical Intelligence
ST&E Security Test and Evaluation
STA Surveillance and Target Acquisition
STACCS Standard Theater Army Command and Control System
STAMIS Standard Army Management Information System
STAMP SOUTHCOM Topographic Augmentation Program
STAMPS Stand-Alone Message Processing System
STANAG Standardization Agreement (NATO)
STANAVFORLANT Standing Naval Force, Atlantic (NATO)
STAN-EVAL Standardization and Evaluation
STANS (1) Soviet Tactical Nuclear Study; (2) Space Target Analysis and Networking System
STAP Science and Technology Advisory Panel
STAR (1) Surface-to-Air Recovery; (2) System Threat Assessment Report
STARC State Area Command
STARS Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reporting System
STAR-T SHF Tri-Band Advanced Range Extension Tactical Terminal
START Strategic Arms Reduction Talks/Treaty
STARTEX Start Date of an Exercise
STASS Submarine-Towed Array Surveillance System
STATDM Statistical Time Division Multiplex
Static RI Static Infrared Workstation
STATS Strategic Target Analysis and Tracking System
STC (1) Sensitivity Time Control; (2) Short Time Constant (ECCM); (3) SHAPE Technical Center
STCFE Science and Technology Center Far East
STD (1) SIGINT Technical Data; (2) Standard
STEL Stanford Telecommunications
STEP Standardized Technical Entry Point
STEPS Scientific and Technical ELINT Processing System
STEPS II Scientific and Technical ELINT Processing System II
STG Special Tactical Group
STEL Secure Telephone
S&TI Scientific and Technical Intelligence
STIC (1) Scientific and Technical Intelligence Committee; (2) Scientific and Technical Intelligence Center
STICS Scalable Transportable Intelligence Communications System
STIFF Strategic Intelligence Forecast File
STIISP Scientific and Technical Intelligence Information Services Program
STINT Science and Technology (S&T) Intelligence
STIR Scientific and Technical Intelligence Register
STITEUR Scientific and Technical Information Team, Europe
STK (1) Satellite Took Kit; (2) Strike
STO Science and Technology Objectives
STOL Short Takeoff and Landing
STON Short Ton
STOPS Stand-Off Optical System
STOVL Short Takeoff, Vertical Landing
STP (1) Space Test Program; (2) Site Transition Plan
Str Strength
STRAM Static Random Access Memory
STRAT Strategic
STRATCOM Strategic Command
STRATJIC USSTRATCOM Joint Intelligence Center
STRATLAT Strategic Command Liaison Assistance Team
STRATMAS Strategic Message Analysis Server
STRATPAT Strategic Planning and Analysis Tool
STRED Standard-Tactical Receive Equipment Display STRICOM Simulations, Training, and Instrumentation Command
STRIKFORSOUTH Strike Force South
S-TRED Standard Tactical Receive Equipment Display
STRUM Standard Technical Reporting Using Modules
STS (1) Special Training Standard; (2) Special Tactics Squadron; (3) Subcommittee on Telecommunications Security of the NSTISSC
STT (1) Small Tactical Terminal; (2) Special Tactics Teams; (3) Shore Targeting Terminal
STU Secure Telephone Unit (STU II & III)
STU-III Secure Telephone Unit III
STUR Secure Telephone Unit/Remote
STVD Southern Theater of Military Operations (FSU)
STW Strike Warfare
STWC Strike Warfare Commander
STX Situational Training Exercise
SUBACS Submarine Advanced Combat System
SUBLANT Submarine Forces, Atlantic
SUBOPAUTH Submarine Operating Authority
SUBORD Subordinate
SUBPAC Submarine Forces, Pacific
SUCCESS Secure UHF Computer Controlled Equipment Subsystems
SUG SAFE Users Group
SUM (1) Surface-to-Underwater Missile; (2) Structural Usage Monitor
SUMS Structural Usage Monitor System
SUPCOM Support Command
SUPINTREP Supplementary Intelligence Report
SUPIR (1) Supplemental Photographic Interpretation Report; (2) Supplemental Phase Interpretation Report
SUPNAVFOR Supporting Naval Force
SUPPLOT Supplemental Plot
SUPREMS Supplemental Preliminary Mission Summary
SUPT Superintendent
SURAN Southeastern Universities
SURFSHIP Surface Ship
SURFWARDEVGRU Surface Warfare Development Group
SURTASS Surveillance Towed Array Sonar System (U.S.)
SURV Surveillance
SUSLAK Special U.S. Liaison Activity Korea
SUSLO Special U.S. Liaison Officer
SV (1) Secure Voice; (2) Special View
SVC Service
SVCN Secure Voice Conferencing Network
SVD Soviet Sniper Rifle
SVGA Super Video Graphics Adapter
SVIP Secure Voice Improvement Program
SVOD Soviet Aircraft Navigation and Landing System
SVS Secure Voice System
SVTC Secure Voice Teleconferencing
SVTS Secure Video Teleconferencing System
SW (1) Short Wave; (2) Surface Warfare; (3) Software; (4) Strategic Wing
S&W Surveillance and Warning
SWA (1) Southwest Asia; (2) Southwest Africa; (3) Standoff Weapons Assembly; (4) Senior Warning Analyst; (5) Senior Weather Analyst; (6) Secure Work Area
SWADII Southwest Asia Defense Information Infrastructure
SWAL Shallow-Water Attack Craft, Light
SWAM Shallow-Water Attack Craft, Medium
SWB Southwest Border
SWC (1) Special Warfare Center (U.S. Army); (2) Special Warfare Craft; (3) Strategic Warfare Center; (4) Strategic Warning Center; (5) Space Warfare Center
S&WC Surveillance and Warning Center/Control
SWCL Special Warfare Craft, Light
SWCM Special Warfare Craft, Medium
SWCS Special Warfare Center and School
SWE Sweden
SWHQ Static War Headquarters
SWI Special Weather Intelligence
SWIR Short Wave Infrared
SWIRTERCAT SWIR Terrain Categorization
SWIS Survivable Wartime Intelligence System
SWO (1) Special Weapons Officer; (2) Staff Weather Officer; (3) Senior Watch Officer
SWORD Submarine Warfare Operations Research Department
SWP Standing Warning Program
SWPS Space & Weapons Systems SIGINT Working Group
SWR Southwest Region
SWRS Slow-Walker Reporting System
SWSC Space Warning Systems Center
SWTMO SW Theater of Military Operations
SYBASE A Collection Requirements Database
SYDET Sympathetic Detonator
SYDP Six-Year Defense Plan
SYG Secretary General
SYNCOM Synchronous Communications Satellite
SYRACUSE Systeme de Radio Communication Utilisant un Satellite
SYRUP System Resource Utilization Package
SYS System(s)
SYSADM System Administrator
SYSADMIN Systems Administration Technical Assistant
SYSCON Systems Control
SYSOPR System Operator