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This site contains a comprehensive list of U.S. military terms and definitions.

J3 Director(ate) of Operations
J4 Logistics Directorate
J5 Director(ate) of Plans, Policy, and Programs
J6 (1) Director(ate) of Command, Control, Communications; (2) Director(ate) of Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems
J7 Joint Operational Plans Staff
J8 Director(ate) of Resource Management
JA Judge Advocate (General)
JAADS Joint Allied Air Defense System
JAAT Joint Air Attack Team
JAC Joint Analysis Center
JACC/CP Joint Airborne Communications Center/Command Post
JAD Joint Assessment Data
JAEIC Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee
JAG Judge Advocate General
JAI Joint Administrative Instruction
JAIEG Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group
JAIS Japan Air Intelligence System
JAIS-PAC Joint Area Information system-USPACOM
JAMIP Joint Analytic Model Improvement Program
JAN Joint Army-Navy
JANAF Joint Army, Navy, Air Force Publication
JANAP Joint Army/Navy Publication
JAO Joint Area of Operations
JAOC Joint Air Operations Center
JAOP Joint Air Operations Plan
JAPC Joint Attrition and Penetration Committee
JAR JIC Analysis Report
JARCC Joint Air Reconnaissance Control Center
JARIC (1) Joint Aerial Reconnaissance Intelligence Center; (2) Joint Air Reconnaissance Interpretation Center (UK)
JAROC (B) Joint Allied Refugee Operations Center (Berlin)
JARP Joint Aerospace Reserve Program
JASDF Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces
JASORS Joint Advanced Special Operations Radio System
JASPO Joint Airborne SIGINT Program Office
JASS Joint Airborne SIGINT System
JAST Joint Advanced Strike Technology Program
JATCCCS Joint Advanced Tactical C3 System
JAWS (1) Joint Analytical Workstation; (2) Joint Advanced Weapons System; (3) JDISS-Army Workstation
JBS (1) Joint Base Station; (2) Joint Broadcast Service
J2C CIA Liaison
JC2WC Joint C2 Warfare Center
JCAT (1) Joint Crisis Action Team; (2) Joint Crisis Analysis Tool
JCC Joint Coordination Center
JCCC Joint Communications Control Center
JCCOC Joint Communications & Control Operational Concept
JCCWC Joint Command and Control Warfare Center
JCET Joint/Combined Exercises for Training
JCF Joint Communications Facility
JCISB Joint Counterintelligence Support Branch
JCISOC Joint CI Staff Officer’s Course
JCMC (1) Joint Crisis Management Capability; (2) Joint Crisis Management Center
JCMEC Joint Captured Materiel Exploitation Center
JCMO Joint Collection Management Office
JCMOTF Joint Civil Military Operations Task Force
JCMPO Joint Cruise Missile Project Office
JCMST Joint Collection Management Support Tool (renamed JCMT)
JCMT Joint Collection Management Tool
JCNJSIC Center Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base (CMAFB) Node
JCNICC Joint Counternarcotics Intelligence Coordination Center
JCP Joint Congressional Committee on Printing
JCPES Joint Chiefs Planning and Execution System
JCPX Joint Command Post Exercise
JCRC Joint Casualty Resolution Center
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCSAN JCS Alert Network
JCSAR Joint Combat Search and Rescue
JCSE (1) Joint Communications Support Element; (2) Joint Contingency Support Element
JCSM Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum
JCSS (1) Japan Combat Support System; (2) Joint Communications Support Squadron
JCTG-ME Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness
J2D DIA Liaison
JDA (1) Joint Deployment Agency; (2) Japan Defense Agency; (3) Joint Duty Assignment
JDAC Joint District Area Command
JDAL Joint Duty Assignment List
JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition
JDC Joint Debriefing Center
J-DEC JICPAC-Detachment Japan
JDEC Joint Document Exploitation Center
JDF Joint Development Facility
JDGW Joint Digital Geopositioning Workstation
JDIA Joint Digital Intelligence Assessment
JDIPC Joint Deployable Imagery Production Center
JDISS (1) Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System; (2) Joint Defense Intelligence Support Services
JDISS-C Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System-CENTCOM
JDISS-S Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System-SOCOM or
JDIVS Joint Deployable Intelligence Video/Data System
JDMAG Joint Deployable Maintenance Analysis Group
JDS Joint Deployment System
JDSS Joint Decision Support System
JDSIR Joint Deployment System Incident Reporting System
JDSSC Joint Data System Support Center
JEAP (1) Joint Electronic Analysis Program; (2) Joint Electronic Analysis Position
JEC Joint Economic Committee
JECC(G) Joint Exercise Control Center (Group)
JECG Joint Exercise Control Group
JECM Joint Electronic Countermeasures
JEEP Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan
JEIO Joint Engineering and Interoperability Organization
JEFPROS JAC EUCOM Force Protection Summary
JEIR JAC EUCOM Intelligence Review
JEL Joint Electronic Library
JEM Joint Exercise Manual
JES JDISS Embedded Support
JESS Joint Exercise Support System
JET JWICS Earth Terminal
JETDS Joint Electronics Designation System
JEWC Joint Electronic Warfare Center
JFACC Joint Force Air Component Commander
JFC (1) Joint Fusion Center; (2) Joint Force Commander
JFFC Joint Force Fires Coordinator
JFFSC Joint Force Fire Support Coordinator
JFI Joint Force Integrator
JFIC Joint Force Interdiction Coordinator
JFITL Joint Force Integrator Task List
JFK CTRMA John F. Kennedy Center for Military Assistance
JFLCC Joint Force Land Component Commander
JLOTS Joint Logistics Over the Shore
JFM Joint Force Memorandum
JFMCC Joint Force Maritime Component Commander
JFMO Joint Frequency Management Office
JFSOCC Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander
JGITSS Joint General Intelligence Training System Subarchitecture
JGSDF Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces
JIATF Joint InterAgency Task Force
JIATF-E Joint InterAgency Task Force - East
JIATF-W Joint InterAgency Task Force - West
JIB Joint Intelligence Bureau (Commonwealth Countries)
JIC (1) Joint Intelligence Center; (2) Joint Interrogation Center; (3) Joint Intelligence Cell
JIC-E Joint Intelligence Center-Europe
JIC-SOUTH Joint Intelligence Center-U.S. SOUTHCOM
JIC-2000 Designation of JICSOUTH upon movement to CONUS
JICEUR Joint Intelligence Center Europe
JICPAC Joint Intelligence Center Pacific
JICREP Joint Intelligence Center Report
JICTRANS Joint Intelligence Center for Transportation
JIEO Joint Interoperability Engineering Organization (DISA)
JIEP Joint Intelligence Estimate for Planning
JIF Joint Interrogation Facility
JIFF Joint Interdiction of Follow-on Forces
JIIKS Joint Imagery Interpretation Key Structure
JIIM Joint Intelligence Information Management
JILE Joint Intelligence Liaison Element
JIM JESS Intelligence Model
JINTACCS Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems
JINTC Joint Intelligence Task Force
JIO Joint Intelligence Organization
JIOC Joint Intelligence Operations Center
JIPC Joint Imagery Production Center
JIPTL Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List
JISA Joint Intelligence Support Architecture
JISAD JTF Intelligence Support Architecture Document
JISC (1) Joint Intelligence Support Center; (2) Joint Intelligence Support Concept
JISE Joint Intelligence Support Element
JISI Joint Intelligence System Integration
JISS Japan Intelligence Support System
JITAP Joint Intelligence Training Activity Pacific
JITC Joint Interoperability Test Center (DISA)
JITF Joint Integration Testing Facility
JIVA Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture
JLA Joint Logistics Assessment
JLARG Joint Logistics Assessment Review Group
JL-COE Joint Logistics Center of Excellence
JLD Joint Liaison Detachment
JLE Jammer Locator Electronics
JLMIS Joint Logistics Management Information System
JLOTS Joint Logistics Over the Shore
JLPPG Joint Logistics and Personnel Policy and Guidance
JLRC Joint Logistics Readiness Center
J4/LRC Joint Logistics Readiness Center
JLREID Joint Long-Range Estimating Intelligence Document (JSPS)
JLRSA Joint Long-Range Strategic Appraisal
JLSP Joint Logistics Steering Panel
JM Joint Mission
JMA (1) Joint Mobilization Augmentation; (2) Joint Mission Analysis
JMAT Joint Mobility Assistance Team
JMC Joint Movement Center
JMCC (1) Joint MC&G Coordination Center; (2) Joint Mobile Command Center
JMCIS Joint Maritime Command Information System
JMEM Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual
JMENS Joint Mission Element Needs Statement
JMETL (1) Joint Mission Essential Target List; (2) Joint Mission Essential Task List
JMI JTIDS Modular AOC Integration System
JMIC Joint Military Intelligence College
JMICS JWICS Mobile Integrated Communications System
JMIE Joint Maritime Information Element
JMIE/JEM JMIE Support System and Modernization
JMINI Joint UHF MILSATCOM Network Integrated
JMIP Joint Military Intelligence Program
JMISE Joint Military Intelligence Support Element
JMITC Joint Military Intelligence Training Center
JMNS Joint Mission Needs Statement
JMO Joint Management Office
JMOCC Joint Mobile Operations Command Center
JMP (1) Joint Manpower Program; (2) Joint Mobilization Program
JMPAB Joint Material Priorities Allocation Board
JMPP Joint Munitions Production Panel
JMRR Joint Military Readiness Review
JMSDF Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
JMSIP Joint Modeling and Simulation Integration Program
JMSNS Justification for Major System New Start
JMST Joint Management Support Tool
JMTB Joint Military Transportation Board
JMTG (1) Joint Military Terminology Group; (2) Joint Master Training Guide
JMTK Joint Mapping Tool Kit
JNACC Joint Nuclear Accident Coordinating Center
JNAF Yugoslavia National Air Force
JNC Jet Navigation Chart
JNC-A Jet Navigation Chart-Air
JNIDS (1) Joint National Intelligence Dissemination System; (2) Joint National Intelligence Development Staff
JNPE Joint Nuclear Planning Element
JOA Joint Operations Area
JOC Joint Operations Center
JOC/INT Joint Operations Center/Intelligence Team
JOG Joint Operations Graphic
JOG-A Joint Operations Graphic-Air
JOG-C Joint Operations Graphic-Combined
JOG-G Joint Operations Graphic-Ground
JOG-R Joint Operations Graphic-Radar
JOIC Joint Operational Intelligence Center/Cell
JOIN Joint Operations Intelligence Network
JOINT REDTRAIN Joint Readiness Training
Joint STARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
JOP Joint Operating Procedure
JOPES Joint Operations Planning and Execution System
JOPS Joint Operational Planning System
JOS Joint Operational Stocks
JOSE Joint Operations Support Element
JOTS Joint Operational Tactical System
JP (1) Jet Petroleum; (2) Joint Publication
JPAM Joint Program Assessment Memorandum
JPAT Joint Planning and Assistance Team
JPD Joint Planning Document
JPEA Joint Planning and Exercise Activity
JPEC Joint Planning and Execution Community
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPM Joint Program Manager
JPMIE Joint Program for Military Intelligence Education
JPMO Joint Program Management Office
JPN JSIC Peterson Node
JPO Joint Project Office
JPOTF Joint Psychological Operations Task Force
JPOTG Joint Psychological Operations Task Group
JPPR Joint Planning and Program Review
JPRS Joint Publications Research Service
JPSD Joint Precision Strike Demonstration
JPSS Joint Planning Staff for Space
JPSIO Joint Precision Strike Integration Office
JRA Joint Rear Area
JRB Joint Reconnaissance Board
JRC (1) Joint Reconnaissance Center; (2) Joint Recovery Center
JRCB Joint Reconnaissance Coordination Board
JRCC Joint Rescue Coordination Center
JRCP Joint Readiness Command Program
JRDC Joint Regional Defense Command
JRDOD Joint Research and Development Objectives Document
JRFL Joint Restricted Frequency List
JRIP Joint Reserve Intelligence Program
JRMB Joint Requirements and Management Board
JRO Joint Reconnaissance Office
JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council
JROC-B Joint Refugee Center, Berlin
JRS Joint Reporting System/Structure
JRSC Jam-Resistant Secure Communications
JRTC (1) Joint Readiness Training Center; (2) Joint Regional Training Center
JRTC-IS JRTC Instrumentation System
JRX Joint Readiness Exercise
JRX MILES JRX Milestone System
JS Joint Staff
J/S Ratio of received power level of a jamming signal and a desired signal
JSAJAC Security Activity
JSAC Joint State Area Command
JSAM Joint Security Assistance Memorandum
JSAMSA Joint Security Assistance Memorandum Supporting Analysis
JSB Joint Synthetic Battlespace
JSC (1) Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center; (2) Joint Spectrum Center
JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JSCS Joint Strategic Connectivity Staff
JSDF Japanese Self-Defense Forces
JSEAD (1) Joint Surveillance Enemy Air Defense; (2) Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
JSFC Joint Space Fundamentals Course
JSIC Joint SPACECOM Intelligence Center
JSIMS Joint Simulation System
JSIOC Joint Space Intelligence Operations Course
JSIOPC Joint Space Intelligence Operations Policy Course
JSIP Joint Services Imagery Processor
JSIPS Joint Service Imagery Processing System
JSIPS-N Joint Service Imagery Processing System-Navy
JSMB Joint Space Management Board
JSO (1) Joint Staff Office; (2) Joint Support Office
JSOA (1) Joint Special Operations Agency; (2) Joint Special Operations Area
JSOACC Joint Special Operations Air Component Commander
JSOC (1) Joint Special Operations Center; (2) Joint Strategic Operations Center; (3) Joint Special Operations Command
JSODC Joint Special Operations Deception Course
JSOFI Joint Special Operations Forces Institute
JSOIC Joint Special Operations Intelligence Course
JSOIT Joint Special Operations Intelligence Training
JSOIO Joint Special Operations Intelligence Orientation
JSOP Joint Strategic Objectives Plan
JSOPW Joint Special Operations Planning Workshop
JSOR Joint Service Operational Requirement
JSOSOC Joint Special Operations Staff Officer Course
JSOTF Joint Special Operations Task Force
JSOTFSO Joint Special Operations Task Force South
JSOTP Joint Special Operations Training Project
JSOW Joint Standoff Weapon
JSPD Joint Strategic Planning Document
JSPDSA Joint Strategic Planning Document Supporting Analysis
JSPO Joint System Program Office
JSPS Joint Strategic Planning System
JSR (1) Joint Strategy Review; (2) Joint Special Reports
JSRC Joint Search and Rescue Center
JSS (1) Joint Surveillance System; (2) JMIE Support System
JSST (1) Joint Space Support Team; (2) Joint Special Support Team
JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
JSTPS Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff
JSWG (1) J-TENS Special Working Group; (2) Joint Service Working Group
JT Joint
JTA (1) Joint Task Analysis; (2) Joint Table of Allowances
JTAGS Joint Tactical Ground Station
JTAO Joint Tactical Air Operations
JTARS Joint Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance System
JTASC Joint Training, Analysis and Simulation Center
JTB (1) Joint Transportation Board; (2) Joint Targets Board
JTC (1) Joint Target Committee; (2) Joint Technology Center; (3) JFACC Target Cell
JTC3A Joint Tactical Command, Control, and Communications Agency
JTCAE Joint Tactical Control and Analysis Element
JTCB Joint Targets Coordination Board
JTCG Joint Technical Coordinating Group
JTCG(ME) Joint Technical Coordinating Group (For Munitions Effectiveness)
JTC/SIL Joint Technology Center/ Systems Integration Laboratory
JTD Joint Table of Distribution (Manning Authorization for a Joint Organization)
JTDA Joint Table of Distribution and Allowances
JTEB Joint Test and Evaluation Board
J-TENS Joint Tactical Exploitation of National Systems
JTENS Joint-Service Tactical Exploitation of National Systems
JTF (1) Joint Tactical Fusion; (2) Joint Task Force
JTF-6 Joint Task Force-6
JTFCEM Joint Task Force Contingency Engineer Manager
JTF-FA Joint Task Force-Full Accounting
JTF-LOCE Joint Tactical Fusion-Limited Operational Capability Europe
JTF-PM Joint Task Force-Panama
JTFPO Joint Tactical Fusion Program Office
JTF-SWA Joint Task Force-South West Asia
JTFHQ Joint Task Force Headquarters
JTFP Joint Tactical Fusion Program
JTFPMO Joint Tactical Fusion Program Management Office
JTFSO Joint Task Force South
JTG Joint Task Group
JTIC Joint Transportation Intelligence Center
JTID Joint Digital Team Information Device
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
JTL Joint Target List
JTMD (1) Joint Theater Missile Defense; (2) Joint Table of Mobilization and Distribution
JTN Joint Targeting Network
JTOSS Joint Task-Organized Software Subsystem
JTP Joint Training Plan
JTR Joint Travel Regulation
JTRU Joint Transportation Reserve Unit
JTSC Joint Technology Steering Committee
JTSG Joint Targets Steering Group
JTT Joint Tactics Terminal
JTTP Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
JTWS Joint Threat Warning System
JTX Joint Training Exercise
JUAVTC Joint UAV Training Center
JUDI Joint Universal Data Interpreter
JULL Joint Universal Lessons Learned
JULLS Joint Universal Lessons Learned System
JUMPS Joint Uniform Military Pay System
JUSMAG Joint United States Military Advisory Group
JUWC Joint Unconventional Warfare Command
JUWTF Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force
JVIDS Joint Visual Integrated Display System
JWAC Joint Warfare Analysis Center
JWARS Joint Warfare Simulation
JWBCA Joint Whole Blood Control Agency
JWC (1) Joint Warfare Center; (2) Joint Working Group
JWCA Joint Warfighting Capability Assessment
JWFC Joint Warfighting Center
JWG Joint Working Group
JWICS (1) Joint Warning Indications Communications System; (2) Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
JWID Joint Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration
J2X JTF J2 Support Element