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Drill Sergeant And The Devil

Out jumped the Sergeant from the coconut grove,
He was a mean Drill Sergeant you could tell by his clothes.
He wore a wide brim hat and BDUs,
Had badder breath than the CO and you.
Lined a hundard soldiers up against the wall, Made a two dallar bet he could train 'em all. Trained ninety-eight and we thought he was thru, Backed off, right stepped, and dropped the other two!
Well, when he died, he went straight ta' Hell,
Where he trained the Devil's daughter, and his sister as
The Devil said Drill, let's make a deal,
You can have my daughter if you get outta Hell!
Ain't no problem is all he said,
If I can't train ya', then ya' should be dead! Hey! All the way!I run every day! Hey! All the way, I run all the way!
The Drill Sergeant runs the earth today, And if you listen close, this is what he'll say. Gotta like it, gotta love it, Gotta have, more of it!
Hey, Hey! All the way! Gotta run, all day! Gotta rune, all night. And all night, is all right!
I guess you wonder how I know this tale,
'cause I'm the Drill that came from Hell!
I gotta mean, mean wife and father-in-law,
But they're not the meanest people that I ever saw.
Can't be, like me. Can't do, like you! Blood and guts, Thru and thru!
All the way, everyday, hey, hey, what 'cha say?!
(Intermix the chorus throughout, or add some of your own).