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Queen Of Battle

Wake up to a mortar attack
Hit the ground, I'm out of the rack
My sergeant rushes me off to chow
But I don't eat it anyhow
Oh hail, Oh hail, Oh infantry
Queen of battle, follow me
Oh, airborne ranger's the life for me
For nothing in this world is free
From a big bird in the sky
All will jump and some will die
Off to battle we will go
To live or die, hell I don't know. Refrain
Hit the ground with American pride A bullet through a commie's eye He ought to be damn glad he died He'd hate for me to take him alive
It's true that some of us will die Airborne rangers learn to fly But not today as I hit the ground Lock and load another round
Over the hill, some men I've seen Head to toe in Army green
Moving tactically, not a sound Infantry soldiers on the ground
Assault, support are all in place The enemy unaware of his fate Claymores blast and 60's roar Again, the airborne ranger scores
Its true that someday I'll be dead Before I go I'll take more heads Before us enemies all will flee 'Cause we're the airborne infantry