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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

T (1) Tank; (2) Training; (3) Transmitter
T1 1.54 Megabits per Second Throughput
T2 Technology Transfer
T3 44.3 Megabits per Second Throughput
TA (1) Traffic Analysis; (2) Tank Army; (3) Terrain Avoidance; (4) Theater Army; (5) Target Acquisition; (6) Target Analysis
T&A Transcription and Analysis
TAA (1) Tactical Air Army (FSU); (2) Total Army Analysis; (3) Tactical Assembly Area; (4) Theatre Army Area
TAACOM Theater Army Area Command
TAB (1) Target Acquisition Battery; (2) Theatre Air Base
TABNR Table Number
TABS Threat Assement Briefing System
TAC (1) Tactical Air Command; (2) Terrain Analysis Center (U.S. Army); (3) Tactical Access Controller; (4) Tri-Service Tactical Digital Communication System; (5) Technology Assessment Center; (6) Terminal Access Control; (7) Tactical Command Post
TACAC-D Technical Control and Analysis Center-Division
TACAIR Tactical Air
TACAMO (1) U.S. Air Relay Communication System; (2) Take Charge and Move Out
TACAN Ultrahigh-Frequency Tactical Air Navigation
TACAWS The Army Combined Arms Weapons System
TACC (1) Tactical Air Control Center; (2) Tanker Airlift Control Center; (3) Theater Army Communications Command
TACC(A) Tactical Air Control Center (Afloat)
TACCIMS (1) Theater Army Command and Control Information Management System; (2) Tactical Command and Control Information Management System
TACCP Tactical Command Post
TACCS (1) Tactical Airborne Command and Control and Surveillance; (2) Tactical Air Control Center System
TACCSIMS Theater Area Command and Control Information Management System
TACCS-K Tactical Automated Command and Control Systems-Korea
TACCTA Tactical Commander’s Terrain Analysis
TAC-D Tactical Deception
TACE (1) Technical Analysis Cost Estimate; (2) Tactical Air Coordination Element
TACELINT Tactical Electronic Intelligence (Report)
TACFAST Tactical Forward Analysis Support Terminal
TACFIRE Tactical Artillery Fire Control
TACIES Tactical Imagery Exploitation System
TACINTEL Tactical Intelligence
TACIT RAINBOW Anti-Radiation Missile
TACM Tactical Amphibious Collection Management
TACO Tactical Command Post
TACO-2 Tactical Communications-Two
TACOMM Tactical Communications
TACOMSIM Tactical Communications Simulator
TACON Tactical Control
TACOPS Tactical Air Combat Operations Staff
TACP Tactical Air Control Party
TACRECCE Tactical Reconnaissance
TACREP Tactical Report
TACRON Tactical Air Control Squadron
TACS (1) Tactical Air Control System; (2) Technology Acquisition Coordination Subcommittee; (3) Theater Air Control System
TACS/TADS Tactical Air Control System/Tacticai Air Defense System
TACSAM Tactical Surface-to-Air Missile
TACSAT Tactical Satellite
TACSATCOM Tactical Satellite Communications
TACSIM Tactical Simulation (Simulator)
TACTAS Tactical Towed Array System (U.S. Surface Warship)
TACTASS Tactical Towed-Array Surveillance System (USN)
TACTED Tactical Trunk Encryption Device
TACTEL Tactical Telecommunications
TACTERM Tactical Terminal
TACW Tactical Air Control Wing
TACWINGSLANT Tactical Wings Atlantic
TAD (1) Temporary Additional Duty; (2) Theater Air Defense
TADIL Tactical Data Information Link
TADIL-J Tactical Digital Interface Link-Joint
TADIX-B Tactical Data Exchange System-B
TADIXS Tactical Data Information Exchange Subsystem
TADIXS-B Tactical Data Information Exchange System Broadcast
TADS (1) Tactical Air Defense System; (2) Target Acquisition and Designation System
TADSS Training Aids, Devices, Simulations and Simulators
TADMS TRS ASARS-2 Data Manipulation System
TAE Transportable Applications Executive
TAF Tactical Air Forces
TAFIC Tactical Air Forces Intelligence Center
TAFIES Tactical Air Force Intelligence Exploitation System
TAFIIS Tactical Air Forces Integrated Information System
TAFLC Tactical Air Force Limited Operational Capabilities Europe
TAFSM Tactical Fire Support Model
TAG (1) Target Actions Group; (2) The Adjutant General; (3) Theater Army Group; (4) Target Aimpoint Graphic; (5) TEMPEST Advisory Group
TAGS Theater Air Ground System
TAH Tactical Aviation Headquarters
TAI Target Areas of Interest
TAISS Telecommunication and Automated Information Systems Security
TALM Tactical Air-Launched Missile
TALO Tactical Airlift Liaison Officer
TALON Theater Applicatiaon-Launch on Notice
TAOS Thrust-Assisted Orbiter System
TALP Total Army Linguist Program
TAMPS (1) Threat Avoidance Mission Planning System; (2) Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System
TANGO Tactical Air, Naval, Ground Operations
TAO Tactical Air Operations
TAOC Tactical Air Operations Center
TAOR Tactical Area of Responsibility
TAP (1) Terrain Analysis Program; (2) Theater Analysis and Planning
TAPA Target Analysis Pacific Area
TAPCOMP Targeting and Analysis Program Computers
TAPS Technical Analysis Processing System
TAR Terrain Avoidance Radar
TARBUL Target Bulletin
TARDEV Target Development
TARE Telegraph Automation Relay Equipment
TAREX Target Exploitation
TARM Tactical Antiradiation Missile
TARPS Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System (USN)
TARRRS Tactical Air Reconnaissance Results Reporting System
TARS Tactical Air Reconnaissance System
TAS (1) Tactical Airlift Squadron; (2) Traffic Analysis Survey; (3) Terminal Access System; (4) True Air Speed; (5) Timeline Analysis System; (6) Temporal Analysis System
TASE Tactical Air Support Element
TASES Tactical Airborne Signals Exploitation System
TASM Tactical Air-to-Surface Missile
TASMO Tactical Air Support of Maritime Operations
TASO Terminal Area Security Officer
TASOC Theater Army Special Operations Command
TASOSC Theater Army Special Operations Support Command
TASS (1) Towed Array Surveillance System; (2) Official News Agency
of the FSU; (3) Tactical Air Support Squadron; (4) Tactical Automatic Switching System
TAT (1) Terrorist Action Team; (2) Tactical Analysis Team; (3) Target Area Tactics
TATERS TROJAN Air Transportable Electronic Reconnaissance System
TAV (1) Total Asset Visibility; (2) Trans-Atmospheric Vehicle
TAVR Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve
TAW Tactical Airlift Wing
TAWC Tactical Air Warfare Center
TAWDS Transportable Automated Weather Distribution System
TAXIS-A Tactical Data Information Exchange Subsystem A
TB (1) Tank Battalion; (2) Tuberculosis
TBA To Be Announced
TBD To Be Determined
TBM (1) Tactical Ballistic Missile; (2) Theater Battle Management; (3) Theater Ballistic Missile
TBP To be published
TC (1) Tank Company; (2) Transportation Corps; (3) Transport Cradles
TC3 Theater Command, Control, and Communications
TCA (1) Theater Collection Assets; (2) Theater Communications Architecture; (3) Tactical Communication Augmentation
TCAC Technical Control and Analysis Center
TCAC-C Technical Control and Analysis Center - Corps
TCAC PIP Technical Control and Analysis Center-Product
TCAE (1) Technical Control and Analysis Element; (2) Tactical Control and Analysis Element
TCAE C/D/B Technical Control and Analysis Element Corps/Division/Brigade
TC-AIMS II Transportation Coordinator Automated Information For Movements Systems II
TCB Trusted Computing Base
TCC (1) Telecommunications Center; (2) Tactical Command Center
TCCC Theater Communications Control Center
TCCE/CA Theater Contingency Communications Equipment, Central Area
TCCS Theater Command and Control System
TCD Time Compliance Data
TCICA Theater Counterintelligence Coordinating Authority
TCIM Tactical Communications Interface Module
TCM Tactical Cruise Missile
TCMS Tactical Communications Management System
TCO (1) Test Control Officer; (2) Telecommunications Control Officer; (3) Telecommunications Contracting Office
TCOS Tactical Combat Operations System
TCP (1) Technological Coordinating Paper; (2) Tactical Cryptologic Program; (3) Transmission Control Protocol; (4) Traditional CINC Programs
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCR Time Critical Requirements
TCS (1) Tactical Computer System; (2) Test/Crisis Service
TCSEC DOD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
TCT (1) Tactical Commanders Terminal; (2) Tactical Computer Terminal(s)
TCU Tactical Computer Unit
TD (1) Tank Destroyer; (2) Tank Division; (3) Time Dominant (imagery); (4) Tactical Deception; (5) Training Detachment; (6) Target Designator; (7) Transfer Device
TDA (1) Table of Distribution and Allowances; (2) Target Damage Assessment; (3) Tactical Decision Aids
TDAD Training Development and Analysis Directorate
TDAR Tactical Defense Alert Radar
TDC (1) Tactical Digital Computer; (2) Theater Deployable Communications
TDD Target DBZ Designator
TDDP Tactical Defense Dissemination Program
TDDS (1) Tactical Defense/Data Dissemination System; (2) TRAP Data Dissemination System
TDES Theater Document Exploitation System
TDF (1) Tactical Data Facsimile; (2) Tactical Digital Facsimile
TDFD Time Delay Firing Device
TDI (1) Target Data Inventory; (2) Target Data Inventory; (3) ETIBS Datalink Interface
TDM Time Division Multiplex
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TDOA Time Difference of Arrival
TDP (1) Threat Display & Projection; (2) Tactical Display Programmer; (3) Tactical Data Processor
TDRSS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
TDS (1) Target Data Sheet; (2) Training Device System; (3) Target Development System
TDSS Theater Display Support System
TDT Tactical Data Terminal
TDY Temporary Duty
TE (1) Tactical Exploitation; (2) Table of Equipment
T&E Test & Evaluation
TEA Tactical Exploitation Assessment
TEAMS Trend and Error Analysis Methodology System
TEARR Time, Elevation, Azimuth, Range, Range Rate
TEB Tactical Exploitation Battalion
TEC Topographic Engineering Center
TECCE Tactical Exploitation Collection and Coordination Element
TECH Technical
TECHINT Technical Intelligence
TECHLIB Technical Library
TECHSUM Technical Summary
TECRAS Technical Reconnaissance and Surveillance
TED Trunk Encryption Device
TEDB Technical ELINT Data Base
TEDS Tactical Expendable Drone System
TEG Tactical Exploitation Group (JSIPS)
TEK Traffic Encryption Key
TEL Transporter-Erector-Launcher
TELAR Transporter-Erector-Launcher and Radar
TELCON Telephone Conversation
TELECOM Telecommunications
TELEFAC Telecommunications Facilities Vulnerability Study
TELINT Telemetry Intelligence
TELNET Telecommunications Network
TEMP Test and Evaluation Master Plan
TEMPEST (1) Unclassified Name for Compromising Emanations; (2) Compromising Electronic Emission Control Program; (3) Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanations
TENCAP Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities
TEOC Technical Objective Camera
TEP (1) Tactical ELINT Processor; (2) TEMPEST Endorsement Program
TEPP Tomahawk Employment Planning Package
TERCAT Terrain Categorization
TERCOM Terrain Contour Matching
TEREC (1) Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance; (2) Tactical ELINT Receiver
TERPES Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Processing and Evaluation System
TERS (1) Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance System; (2) Tactical ELINT Reporting System; (3) Tactical Event Reporting System
TES (1) Tactical Electronic Squadron; (2) Tactical Event System
TESAR Tactical Endurance Synthetic Aperture Radar
TESS Tactical Engagement Simulation System
TET Transportable Electronic Tower
TEWS Tactical Electronic Warfare System
TEXAS Tactical Exchange Automation System
TF (1) Task Force; (2) Transaction Format
TFAS Task Force Able Sentry
TFC Tactical Fusion Center
TFCICA Task Force CI Coordinating Authority
TFCC Tactical Flag Command Center
TFJ2 Task Force Director of Intelligence
TFM Trusted Facility Manual
TFR Terrain Following Radar
TFS (1) Tactical Fighter Squadron; (2) Terrain and Feature Server; (3) Traffic Flow Security
TFT (1) Tri-Band Field Terminal; (2) Tactical Facsimile Terminal
TF/TA Terrian Following/Terrain Avoidance
TFU Tactical Forecast Unit
TFW Tactical Fighter Wing
TFWC Tactical Fighter Weapons Center
TG (1) Task Group; (2) Training Group
T&G Tracking and Guidance
TGA Target Analysis
TGCF Tactical Ground Control Facility
TGIF Transportable/Tactical Ground Intercept Facility
TGPF Transportable Ground Processing Facility
TGS (1) Transportable Ground Station; (2) Turkish General Staff
TGT Target
TGTINT Targeting Intelligence
TGTINFOREP Target Information Report
TGW Terminal-Guidance Warhead
THAAD Theater High-Altitude Area Defense
THAAD/GBR Theater High-Altitude Area Defense/Ground Based Radar
THEC Theater HUMINT Exploitation Center
THMT Tactical High Mobility Terminal
THREATCON JCS Terrorist Threat Condition
THz Terahertz
TI (1) Technical Intelligence (TECHINT); (2) Target Intelligence; (3) Transition Increment
TI/TTR Target Illumination/Target Tracking Radar
TIA Target Implications Annex
TIAP Theater Intelligence Architecture Program
TIAPCO TIAP Communications Overlay
TIARA Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities
TIARRA Target Identification And Recognition Radar
TIAS Target Identification & Acquisition System
TIB Target Intelligence Branch
TIBS Tactical Information Broadcast System
TIC (1) Theater Intelligence Center; (2) Technical Information Center
TICANA Tactical Imagery Communications and Network Alternatives
TICC Tactical Information Communications Center
TICON Tight Control
TID Theater Intelligence Digest
TIDL Tactical Imagery Data Link
TIDY Teletype Integrated Display System
TIEC Theater Imagery Exploitation Capability
TIES Tactical Information Exchange System
TIF(S) Theater Interrogation Facility(ies)
TIFA Theater Intelligence Fusion Architecture
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TIG Tactical Intelligence Group
TIHB Target Intelligence Handbook
TIIF Tactical Imagery Interpretation Facility
TIIMS Text and Image Information Management System
TILO Transportation Intelligence Liaison Officer
TIM Target Intelligence Material
TIM-DIS Time & Distance
TIMS (1) Tactical Information Management System; (2) TFCC Information Management System
TIO Target Intelligence Officer
TIP (1) Target Intelligence Package; (2) Theater Intelligence Plan; (3) Tracking and Impact Prediction; (4) Tactical Imagery Program
TIPE Tactical Intelligence Product Enhancement
TIPI Tactical Information Processing and Interpretation System
TIPP Target Intelligence Production Plan
TIPS (1) Terrorist Incident Profile System; (2) Tactical Intelligence Processing System; (3) Target Intelligence Packages
TIR Terminal Imaging Radar
TIROS Television Infrared Observation Satellite
TIROS-N Television Infrared Observation Satellite-National
TIRS Thermal Infrared Scanner
TIRSAG Tactical Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Surveillance Action Group
TIRSS Theater Intelligence, Reconnaissance & Surveillance Study
TIS (1) Tactical Intelligence Squadron; (2) Thermal Imaging Sight; (3) Tactical Input Segment
TISD Tactical (Air Forces) Integrated Situation Display
TISEO Target Identification System, Electro-Optical
TISL Target Identification System, Laser
TISO Theater Intelligence Support Officer
TISP Transition Implementation Support Plan
TISS Tactical Intelligence Support Staff
TITF Theater Intelligence Training Facility
TIU ETIBS Interface Unit
TJS Tactical Jamming System
TK Talent-Keyhole
Tk Tank
TKR Tanker
TLAM Tomahawk Land Attack Missile
TLAR Transporter-Launcher and Radar
TLC (1) Telecommunication Link Controller; (2) Teleconferencing
TLCF (1) TACINTEL Link Control Facility; (2) Teleconferencing
TLE Target Location Error
TLS Top-Level Specification
TLST TACAMO Logistics Support Team
TM (1) Tactical Missile; (2) Threat Manager; (3) Target Material; (4) Landsat Thematic Mapper; (5) Technical Manual; (6) Team Materials; (7) Team
TMA Theater of Military Action
TMB Technical Management Board
TMCN Tactical Target Materials Change Notice
TMD (1) Theater Missile Defense; (2) Tactical Map Depot
TMDE Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
TMD/GBR Theater Missile Defense/Ground-Based Radar
TMET Transportable Medium Earth Terminal
TMFU Theater METOC Forecasting Unit
TMMRS Trojan Mobile Remote Receiver System
TMO (1) Technical Management Office; (2) Theater of Military Operations
TMP Training Management Plan
TMPC Theater Mission Planning Center
TMPG Target Materials Producers Group
TMPO Target Materials Program Office
TMPS Theater Mission Planning System
TMRG Terrain-Masked Radar Graphics
TMSR Tactical Meteorological Satellite Receiver
TMS Target Materials Squadron
TMT Target Marking Technologies
TMUG Target Materials Users Group
TMWG Target Materials Working Group
TMWS Target Materials Workstation
TNAPS+ Tactical Network Analysis and Planning System Plus
TNET Teletraining Network
TNF Theater Nuclear Forces
Tng Training
TNI Trusted Network Interpretation
TNIEG Trusted Network Interpretation Environment Guideline
TNK Tanker
TNL Target Nomination List
TNT Tunnel Neutralization Team
TNO Theater Nuclear Option
T/O Take Off
TO&E Tables of Organization and Equipment
TOA (1) Total Obligational Authority; (2) Time of Arrival; (3) Transportation Operation Agency; (4) Time of Attack; (5) Transfer of Authority; (6) Table of Organic Allowance
TOC (1) Tactical Operations Center; (2) Theater of Operations Command
TOE (1) Table of Organization and Equipment; (2) Time of Entry
TOF Time of Flight
TOPCAT Tactical Operations Planner for Collection, Analysis, and Tasking
TOPINS Theater Operational Intelligence System
TOPO Topographic
TOPS Tactical Operations Support
TOR (1) Terms of Reference; (2) Tactical Operations Room; (3) Tentative Operational Requirement; (4) Time of Receipt
TORP Torpedo
TORPCM Torpedo Countermeasures & Deception
TOS (1) Tactical Ocean Surveillance; (2) Theater Operating System
TOSP Tailored Ocean Surveillance Product
TOSS (1) Tactical Operations Support System; (2) Technical Oriented Support System
TOT (1) Time over Target; (2) Time of Transmission
TOVS TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder
TOW Tube-Launched Optically-Tracked Wire-Guided Missile
T/P Terminal/Printer
TPA Theater Production Assets
TPAS Target Planning and Scheduling
TPC (1) Tactical Pilotage Chart; (2) Tempest Personal Computer; (3) Two-Person Control
TPCS Team Portable COMINT System
TPEP (1) TEREC Portable Exploitation Processor; (2) Trusted Products Evaluation Program
TPF Topographic Production Facility
TPFD Time-Phased Force Deployment
TPFDD Time-Phased Force Deployment Data
TPFD(L) Time-Phased Force Deployment (List)
TPI Two-Person Integrity
TPL Time-Phased Line
TPN Tactical Packet Network
TPP Thermal Powerplant
TPS (1) Thermal Protection System; (2) Telecommunications Prioritization System
TPSD (1) Theater Planning Support Division (J-5); (2) Theater Planning Support Document
TPU Troop Programs Units
TPV Terrain Perspective Viewing
TQL Total Quality Leadership
TQM Total Quality Management
T/R Transmit-Receive
TR (1) Tank Regiment; (2) Transportation Request
TRA Temporary Restricted Areas
TRAC (1) Tactical Radar Correlator; (2) TRADOC Analysis Center
TRADOC U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
TRAINS Interactive Video Teletraining System
TRAM Target Recognition and Attack-Multisensor
TRANSCOM Transportation Command
TRANSEC Transmission Security
TRANSIT Navy Navigation Satellite System
TRANSNAT Transnational
TRAP (1) Threat Research and Analysis Program; (2) TRE and Related Applications; (3) Terrorist Research and Analysis Project; (4) Tactical Related Applications
TRAP-I TRAP-Improved
TRAPS TRE & Related Applications
TRB Technical Review Board
TRDL Tactical Reconnaissance Data Link
TRE Tactical Receive Equipment
TRED Tactical Receive Equipment Display
TREDS (1) Tactical Reconnaissance Exploitation Demonstration System; (2) Tactical Receive Equipment (TRE) Display System
TREE Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics
TRF Topographic Readiness Facility
TRICOMS Triad Computer System
TRI-MEF Tri-Marine Expeditionary Force
TRI-MEFO Tri-Marine Expeditionary Force Order
TRITAC Tri-Service Tactical Communications System
TRI-TAC (1) U.S. Joint Tactical Communications Program; (2) Tri-Service Tactical Communications
TRIES Tactical Radar Imagery Exploitation System
TRIGS TR-1 Ground Station
TRIMSS TRANSCOM Imagery Management Support System
TRITAF Tactical Air Forces of TAC, USAFE and PACAF
TRIX(S) Tactical Reconnaissance Intelligence Exchange System
TRL Target Recommendation List
TRML USAFE Target Reference Material List
TRN (1) Target Reference Number; (2) Target Reference Point
TROFA Temporary Remote Operating Facility, Airborne (NSA)
TROJAN Name of Technical Training System
TROJAN SPIRIT TROJAN Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal
TROKA Third ROK Army
TROPO Tropospheric Scatter Radio
TROSCOM United States Army Troop Support Command
TRP (1) Target Reporting Parameters; (2) Theater Response Package
Trp Troops
TRRIP (1) Theater Rapid Response Intelligence Package; (2) Tactical Rapid Reaction Intelligence
TRS (1) Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron; (2) Tactical Reconnaissance System; (3) Trunked Radio System; (4) Telecommunications Service Request
TRSS Tactical Remote Sensor System
TRT TEREC Remote Terminal
TRUS Tilting Wing/Rotor UAV System
TRV Tank Recovery Vehicle
TRW Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
TS (1) Top Secret; (2) Transaction Services; (3) Target Spotting; (3) TROJAN SPIRIT
TSAR Transmission Security Analysis Report
TSART Test Support and Analysis Report Terminal
TSB PSYOP Tactical Support Battalion
TSC (1) Tactical Support Center; (2) Top Secret Control; (3) Technical Support Center; (4) Tactical Support Company; (5) TROJAN Switching Center; (6) Training Support Center
TSC2 Tactical/Strategic Command & Control
TSCA Time-Sensitive Collection Actions
TSCE Time-Sensitive Collection Emphasis
TSCIF Tactical/Temporary Sensitive Compartmented
Information Facility
TSCIXS Tactical Support Center Information Exchange System
TSCM Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
TSCO Top Secret Control Officer
TSCR Time-Sensitive Collection Requirement
TSCS Transportable Satellite Communications System
TS/SCI Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information
TSCSI Temporary Surface Cryptologic Support Installation
TSCW Top Secret Codeword
TSDS Tactical SIGINT Data Support
TSE Target Support Element
TSEC Telecommuncations Security
TSF Technical Support Facility
TSG Threat Steering Group
TSIT Technical Service Intelligence Team
TSK Transmission Security Key
TSM Threat Spectrum Model
TSMA Theater of Strategic/Military Action
TSOC Theater Support Operations Cell
TSOR Technical Standards of Readiness
TSP (1) Transshipment Point; (2) Training Support Base; (3) Tactical Sensor Planner
TSR (1) Time-Sensitive Requirement; (2) Telecommunications Support Request; (3) Trans-Siberian Railroad
TSRS Tactical Support Reconnaissance System
TSS (1) Telecommunications Security System; (2) Time-Sharing System; (3) Target Summary Sheets;
(4) Target Selection Standards
TSSAM Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile
TSSR Tropo Satellite Support Radio
TSSS (TS3) (1) Tactical Simulator Study Support; (2) Time-Sensitive Support System
TSSTM Tactical SIGINT Systems Training Module
TST (1) Tactical Surveillance Technology; (2) Theater Support Team; (3) Tactical Support Team
T-STAR TRANSCOM Situation Transportation Analysis Review
TS/TM Target Support/Target Materials
TSWA Temporary Secure Working Area
TSWG Technical Support Working Group Of IG/T
TT (1) Technology Transfer; (2) Target Track
TT&C Telemetry Tracking and Command
TTAC Technology Transfer Analysis Center
TTADB Tactical Terrain Analysis Data Base
TTAP Telemetry Technical Analysis Position
TTBT Threshold Test Ban Treaty
TTC (1) Transportation Terminal Command; (2) Tactical Telephone Central
TTD Tactical Terrain Data
TTG Technical Training Group
TTI Tactical Target Illustration
TTIC Technology Transfer Intelligence Committee
TTM Tactical Target Materials
TTMC Tactical Target Materials Catalogue
TTMP Tactical Target Materials Program
TTMPD Tactical Target Material Production Document
TTP Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
TTPI Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
TTR Target Tracking Radar
TTSB Theater Tactical Selection Board
TTU (1) Transportation Terminal Unit; (2) Tape Transport Unit
TTY (1) Teletypewriter; (2) Teletype
TU Task Unit
TUDE Teletype User Display Equipment
TUHTKP Time Urgent Hard Target Kill Potential
TUSA Third U.S. Army
TUT Tactical User’s Terminal
TUV Task Unit Van
TV (1) Television; (2) Theater of War (FSU); (3) Target Vulnerability
TVA Target Value Analysis
TVD Theater of Military Operations (FSU)
TVITS Tactical Video Imagery Transmission System
TW Targeting and Weaponeering
TW/AA Tactical Warning/Attack Assessment
TWAC Tactical Weather Analysis Center
TWCS (1) Tomahawk Weapon Control System; (2) Tactical Warfare Control System
TWG (1) Threat Working Group; (2) Technology Working Group
TWI Training With Industry
TWRL Two-Way Radio Link
TWS/IPS Topographic Workstation/Imagery Processing System
TWT Traveling Wave Tube
TWTA Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
TYC Tactical Message Central
TX (1) Technology Exploitation; (2) Transmission