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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

R (1) Rock Outcrops; (2) Receiver
RA (1) Restricted Area; (2) Responsible Agency; (3) Resident Agent
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAAP Rapid Application of Air Power
RAC Resident Agent in Charge
RACE Rapid Automatic Cryptographic Equipment
RAF Royal Air Force
RABFAC Radar Beacon Forward Air Controller
RAC Research and Analysis Company
RACO Rear Area Combat Operations
RAD Radiation Absorbed Dose
RADAR Radio Detection and Ranging
RADAREXREP Radar Exploitation Report
RADAY Radio Day
RADBN Radio Battalion
RADC Rome Air Development Center
RADCM Radar Countermeasures
RADCOM Radio Communications
RADCON Radiological Control
RADIAC Radioactive Detection, Indication, and Computation
RADINT Radar Intelligence
RADREL Radio Relay
RAF Royal Air Force (U.K.)
RAG (1) River Assault Group; (2) Regimental Artillery Group (FSU)
RAIDS Rapid Access Imagery Dissemination System
RAILS Relational Analyses of Internetted Linkages System
RAM (1) Rolling Airframe Missile; (2) Random Access Memory; (3) Radar Absorbing Materials; (4) Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
RAMP Rating Maintenance Program
RAMPART Radar Advanced Measurement Program for Analysis of Reentry Techniques
RAOC (1) Rear Area Operations Center; (2) Regional Air Operations Center
RAOWG Radar and Optical Intelligence Working Group
RAP (1) Rocket Assisted Projectile; (2) Remedial Action Projects
RAPIDE Relocatable Army Processors for IntelligenceData-Europe
RAPIER Rapid Emergency Reconstitution
RAPTOR Responsive Aircraft Program for Theater Operations
RAS (1) Record Assigned Systems; (2) Replenishmest at Sea; (3) Regional Analysis Section; (4) Rear Area Security; (5) Remote Access Support
RASC Required Automated Services Center
RASS Random Access Storage System
RAST Regional Analyst Support Team
RATO Rocket-Assisted Takeoff
RATT Radio Teletypewriter/Teleprinter
RATV Rescue All Terrain Vehicle
RAU Radio Access Unit
RAWS RAPIDE Analyst Workstation
RAWSII Raw Statement of Intelligence Interest
RB/ER Reduced Blast/Enhanced Radiation
RBIF Red Basic Intelligence File
RBS (1) Regional Broadcast System; (2) Remote Base Server
RC (1) Radio-Controlled; (2) Required Capability; (3) Reserve Component; (4) Riverine Craft
RCA (1) Riot Control Agent; (2) Royal Canadian Army; (3) Requirements Control Authority
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RCAS Reserve Component Automated System
RCC (1) Regional Control Center; (2) Rescue Coordination Center
RCF Remote Collection facility
RCM Radar Countermeasures
RCOC Regional Communications Operations Center
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCP Remote Communications Processor
RCS (1) Radar Cross Section; (2) Remote Collection System
RCSS (1) Reconnaissance Cargo; (2) RC-135 Support Service
RCST RC-135 Support Team
RCU Reserve Component Unit
RCV Receive
RCW Reconfigurable Workstation
RCZ Rear Combat Zone
RD (1) Restricted Data; (2) Radius of Damage; (3) Replacement Detachment; (4) Readiness Division
R&D Research and Development
RD&A Research, Development, and Acquisition
RDA Research, Development, Acquisition
RDAISA United States Army Research, Development & Acquisition Information Systems Agency
RDB Requirements Data Base
RDBMS Relational Data Base Management System
RDC Rapid Deployment Capability
RDD Required Delivery Date
RDE Radiation Detection Experiment
RDEC Research Development Engineering Center
RDF (1) Radio Direction Finding; (2) Rapid Deployment Force
RDI Reconnaissance, Detection & Identification
RDIT Rapid Deployment Imagery Terminals
RDJTF Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force
RDL Recurring Document Listing
RDMSS Rapidly Deployable Mobile SIGINT Systems
RDS (1) Remote Display System; (2) Rapid Dissemination System
RDSS Rapidly Deployed Surveillance System
RDT&E Research, Development, Test and Evaluation
RDV Rapid Deployment Vehicles
RE Receive Element
READ Readiness
READYCAP Fighter Aircraft in Standby Condition
REC Radio-Electronic Combat
RECA Residual Capabilities Assessment
RECA(T) Residual Capability Assessment (Team)
RECAP Requirements and Capabilities System
RECAS Residual Capabilities Assessment System
RECC Regional Emergency Communications Coordinator
RECCE Reconnaissance
RECCEXREP Reconnaissance Exploitation Report
RECI Radar Emitter Classification Identification
RECLAU Reconnaissance Launch Report
RECON Reconnaissance
RECONBN Reconnaissance Battalion
RECONT Reconnaissance Intentions Report
REDCOM Readiness Command
REDCON Readiness Condition
RED Cell Rapid Exploitation and Dissemination Cell
RED FLAG ACC Combat Flying Exercise at Nellis AFB
RED HORSE Deployable Civil Engineering Group
REDTRAIN Readiness Training
REFORGER Return of Forces to Germany (Exercise)
RFC Request for Collection
REG Regulation
REGT/Regt Regiment
REL Releasable
RELCAN Releasable to Canada
RELROK Releasable to the Republic of Korea
REM Route Evaluation Module
REMAB Remote Marshalling Base
REMBASS Remotely Emplaced Battlefield Surveillance System
REMS Remote Employed Sensors
REMT Regional Emergency Management Team
RENS Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare & Naval Intelligence System
REP (1) Range Error Probable; (2) Reserve Exploitation Program; (3) Representative
RES Remote Earth Sensing
Res Reserve
RESDAT Restricted Data
RESTA Reconnaissance, Surveillance & Target Acquisition
RETRANS Retransmission
RETS Remoted Target System
REUTERS A News Service
REW(S) Radio Electronic Warfare (Service)
REWSON Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare, Special Operations & Naval Intelligence Processing System
RF (1) Radio Frequency; (2) Representative Fraction
RF-4 Designator for Reconnaissance Aircraft (USAF/USMC)
RFA Restricted Fire Area
RFC Request for Collection
RFD Radio Frequency Distribution
RFE/RL Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
RFI (1) Radio Frequency Interference; (2) Request for Information
RFIS Reserve Forces Intelligence School
RFL Restrictive Fire Line
RFMETS Radio Frequency Mobile Electronics Test Set
RFP (1) Remaining Force Potential; (2) Radio Frequency Pulse; (3) Request for Proposal; (4) Request for Production
RFPI Rapid Force Projection Initiative
RFPW Radio Frequency Pulse Weapon
RFR Request for Requirements
RFS Request for Service
RFTB Reserve Force Target Base
RFTL Reserve Forces Target List
RGB Red-Green-Blue
RGR (1) Ranger; (2) Roger
RGS Relay Ground Station
RGT Regiment
RHAW Radar Homing and Warning
RHIB Rubber Hull Inflatable Boat
RI Routing Indicator
RIB Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIC (1) Regional Intelligence Center; (2) Resource Identification Code
RIF Reduction in Force
RII Request for Intelligence Information
RIM ROTHR Interface Module
RIMPAC U.S. Naval Exercise
RIMS Requirements Inventory Management System
RINT Unintentional Radiation Intelligence
RIO Radar Intercept Officer
RIP (1) Register of Intelligence Publications; (2) Reconnaissance Information Point
RIPL Reconnaissance and Interdiction Planning Line (NATO)
RIPSO Revised IP Security Option
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RISOP Red Integrated Strategic Operations Plan
RISP Reserve Intelligence Support Project
RIT Remote Imagery Transceiver
RITS Remote Imagery Transceiver System
RJITF Regional Joint Intelligence Training Facility
RL (1) Rocket Launcher; (2) Radio Liberty; (3) Receive Location
RLG Ring Laser Gyro
RM (1) Requirements Management; (2) Resource Management
RMBUX Rocky Mountain Basic UNIX
RMEC Regional Military Emergency Coordinator
RMG Resource Management Group
RMO (1) Records Management Officer; (2) Requirements Management Office
RMS (1) Requirements Management System; (2) Remote Monitoring System
RNAV Area Navigation
RNO Regional Nuclear Option
RNP (1) Radio Navigation Point; (2) Remote Network Processor
RO (1) Reporting Officer; (2) Radar Operation; (3) Receive Only; (4) Resident Office
RO/RO Roll-On/Roll-Off (Ship)
ROB Radar Order of Battle
ROC (1) Required Operational Capability; (2) Republic of China; (3) Reconnaissance Operations Center; (4) Required Operational Capability; (5) Regional Operations Center
ROCC Regional Operations Control Center
ROD Reconnaissance Operations Division
RODCA (1) Reporting of DoD HUMINT Collection Activities; (2) Message Caveat
ROE Rules of Engagement
ROF (1) Rate of Fire; (2) Remote Operating Facility
ROFA Remote Operating Facility Airborne
ROIPB Rear Operations Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
ROK Republic of Korea
ROKA Republic of Korea Army
ROKAF Republic of Korea Air Force
ROKN Republic of Korea Navy
ROKUSCFC Republic of Korea and U.S. Combined Forces Command
ROM Read Only Memory
RON Remain Overnight
ROP Remote Operating Position
RORSAT Soviet (FSU) Radar Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite
ROSE Remote Optical Sensing of the Environment
ROSS Refinement of SIGINT Support
ROT Rotating Position
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
ROTHR Relocatable Over-the-Horizon Radar
ROU Radius of Uncertainty
ROW Rest-of-World
RP (1) Reference Point; (2) Release Point
RPA Reserve Personnel Allotment
RPB Regional Preparedness Board
RPC (1) Regional Preparedness Committee; (2) Regional Reporting Center; (3) Remote Procedure Calls; (4) Rapid Positioning Capability
RPE Reconnaissance Planning Element
RPG (1) Soviet (FSU) Shoulder-Fired Antitank Grenade Launcher; (2) Report Program Generator
RPK Soviet (FSU) Light Machinegun (similar in design to the AK rifle)
RPM (1) Revolutions per Minute; (2) Rounds per Minute
RPT Report
RPTG Reporting
RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RQS Rescue Squadron
RQT (1) Reliability Qualification Tests; (2) Requirement
RQMTS Requirements
RR (1) Railroad; (2) Radio Relay
R&R Rest and Recreation
RRC Regional Reporting Center
RRDB Rapidly Reconfigurable Data Base
RRF (1) Ready Reserve Force; (2) Rapid Reaction Force (ACE)
RRG Remote Receive Group
RRI Response to Request for Information
RRICS Rapid Response Imagery Capability System
RRII Response to Request for Intelligence Information
RRM Red Resource Monitoring
RRP Rapid Reinforcement Plan
RRS Remote Receive Station
RRT Radio Receive/Transmitter
RRTP Rail-to-Road Transfer Point
RS Reconnaissance/Surveillance
R&S Reconnaissance and Surveillance
RSB PSYOP Regional Support Battalion
RSBN Short-Range Navigation System (FSU)
RSDN Long-Range Navigation System (FSU)
RSC (1) Regional Support Commands; (2) PSYOP Regional Support
R&SC Reconnaissance and Surveillance Center
RSE Ranger Support Element
RSI, R/S/I Rationalization, Standardization and Interoperability
RSN Red Switched Network
RSO (1) Reconnaissance & Survey Officer; (2) Regional Security Officer
RSOC Regional SIGINT Operations Center
RSOD Remote Satellite Operations Demonstration
RSOG Reserve Special Operations Group
RSR (1) Resource Status Report; (2) Required Supply Rate; (3) Radar Service Request
RSSC Regional Space Support Centers
RSSP Reconnaissance Support Survivability Program
RST (1) Recovery Support Team; (2) Regional Survey Team
RSTA Reconnaissance, Surveillance, & Target Acquisition
RSW Reflected Shockwave
RT (1) Real Time; (2) Radio Telephone; (3) Relocatable Target; (4) Radius of Target
RTA Residual Threat Assessment
RTAPS Relocatable Target Adaptive Planning Support
RTASS Remote Tactical Airborne SIGINT System
RTCE Rapid Targeting Capability Europe
RTG Reconnaissance Technical Group (TAC, USAFE, PACAF)
RTIC (1) Regional Threat Information Cell; (2) Real-Time Information to the Cockpit
RTIP Real-Time Interactive Processor
RTM Receiver/Transmitter/Modem
RTOS Real-Time Optical System
RTP Rail Transfer Point
RTS (1) Reconnaissance Technical Squadron; (2) Real-Time Simulator
RTS-I Regional Training Site(s)-Intelligence
RTSP Real-Time Signal Processor
RU (1) Roundup; (2) Resident Unit
RUNT Russian Underground Nuclear Test
RURPOP Rural Population File
RV (1) Reentry Vehicle; (2) Radius of Vulnerability; (3) Reconnaissance Vehicle
RVT Remote Video Terminal
RW (1) Radiological Warfare; (2) Rotary Wing; (3) Reconnaissance Wing
RWH Radar Warning & Homing
RWI Radio Wireline Interface/Integration
RWO Reconnaissance Watch Officer
RWR Radar Warning Receiver
RWS Remote Workstation
RX Receive
RZ Recovery Zone