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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

P Peacetime
P2E2I Pre-Planned Essential Elements of Information
P-3H Land-Based Anti-Submarine Warfare Patrol Aircraft (re-engined)
P3I Pre-Planned Product Improvement
PA (1) Pulse Amplitude; (2) Probability of Arrival; (3) Public Affairs; (4) Preliminary Assessment; (5) Proper Authority
PAA (1) Primary Aircraft Authorized; (2) Peer Access Approval
PA ANG Pennsylvania Air National Guard
PAATS Precision Approach Area Tracking System
PABX Private Access Branch Exchange
PAC Pacific
PACAF Pacific Air Forces
PACCAAT USPACOM Command and Control AUTODIN Access Terminal
PACCS Post-Attack Command and Control System
PACE Portable Acoustic Collection Equipment
PACFAST Pacific Forward Area Support Team
PACFLT Pacific Fleet
PACOM U.S. Pacific Command
PACOPS Pacific Air Force Operations
PACTAIS Pacific Theater Air Intelligence System
PACTIDS PACOM Theater Intelligence Data System
PACVTCN Pacific Video Teleconferencing Network
PAD Program Action Directive
PADAR Passive Airborne Detection & Ranging
PA&E Program Analysis and Evaluation
PAE Peer Access Enforcement
PAF Production Analysis and Fusion
PAI Project Assignment Instruction
PAIDS PACOM Area Imagery Distribution System
PAIS (1) Personnel Authentication Identification System; (2) Prototype Advanced Indicator System; (3) Pacific Air Intelligence System
PAL Permissive Action Link
PALAPA Indonesian Satellite
PALS Photo Area & Location System
PAM (1) Payload Assist Module; (2) Penetration Augmented Munition
PAMIS Psychological Operations Automated Management Information System
PANAMSAT PAN American Satellite (Communications System)
PANMAN Panama Metropolitan Area Network
PAO (1) Product Activity/Operational Code; (2) Public Affairs Officer
PAOC PACAF Air Operations Center
PAR (1) Precision Approach Radar; (2) Perimeter Acquisition Radar; (3) Phased-Array Radar; (4) Population at Risk; (5) Program Assessment Review
PARCS (1) Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack; (2) Perimeter Acquisition Characterization System
PARINT Partial Intercept
PARIS Pacific Army Intelligence System
PARMIS Peacetime Airborne Reconnaissance Management Information System
PARPRO (1) Peacetime Aerial Reconnaissance Program; (2) Preplanned Application of Reconnaissance Programs
PAS (1) Plans and analysis Staff; (2) Pan American Satellite
PASEP Passed Separately
PASS (1) Photo Interpretation Analyst Support System; (2) PACOM IPAC Intelligence Computer System Analyst Support System; (3) PACOM ADP Server Site
PASSEX Passing Exercise (Naval)
PASS-H USPACOM ADP Server Site, Hawaii
PASS-J USPACOM ADP Server Site, Japan
PASS-K USPACOM ADP Server Site, Korea
PAT (1) Payload Associated Transporter; (2) Planning Assistance Team; (3) Process Action Team
PATREP Patrol Report
PATRIOT Phased Array Tracking to Intercept of Target
PATRIOT PAC III Phased Array Tracking to Intercept of Target Advanced Capability III
PATRON Patrol Squadron (Navy)
PATWING Patrol Wing
PAVE USAF Programs Connected (Night) Avionics, Target Designators, Vision
PAWS (1) Portable Analyst Work Station; (2) Prototype Analytical Workstation; (3) Portable ASAS Workstation
PAX Passengers
PB (1) Particle Beam; (2) Patrol Boat
PB(A)(H) Patrol Boat (Air Cushion) (Hydrofoil)
PBAC Program Budget Activity Committee
PBC Program and Budget Committee
PBD (1) Program Budget Decision; (2) Patrol Boat Drone
PBEIST Planning Board for European Inland Surface Transport
PBL Patrol Boat, Light
PBN Public Broadcasting Network
PBOS Planning Board for Ocean Shipping
PBR (1) River/Roadstead Patrol Boat (Navy); (2) Precision Bombing Range
PBTN Panama Backbone Transport Network
PBV Post-Boost Vehicle
PBW Particle Beam Weapon
PBX Private Branch Exchanges
PC (1) Patrol Craft; (2) Positive Control; (3) Production Control; (4) Personal Computer; (5) Project Coordinator; (6) Parallel Computing; (7) Provide Comfort; (8) Patrol Coastal
PCA Point of Closest Approach
PCAC Primary Collection and Analysis Center
PCC (1) POADS Computer Center; (2) Program Coordinating Committee
PCD (1) Program Change Decision; (2) Positive Control Document
PCE Patrol Escort
PCF(A)(H) Fast Patrol Craft (Air Cushion) (Hydrofoil)
PCFS Fire Support Patrol Craft
PCH Patrol Craft (Hydrofoil)
PCL Parallel Communications Link
PCM Pulse Code Modulation
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCN (1) Production Control Number; (2) Packet Switching Node; (3) Personal Communications Networking
PCP (1) Project Concept Proposal; (2) Program Change Proposal
PCR (1) Performance and Cost Report; (2) Program Change Request
PCS (1) Publication Control Sheet; (2) Permanent Change of Station; (3) Submarine Chaser; (4) Personal Communications System; (5) Primary Control Station
PCS/UPT Personal Communications Services/Universal Personal Telecommunications
PCSF Fire Support Patrol Craft
PCT Training Patrol Craft
PCTN Pacific Consolidated Telecommunications Network
PCTCS Pentagon Center Telecommunications System
PCZ Protected Communications Zone
PD (1) Probability of Damage; (2) Presidential Directive; (3) Pulse Duration; (4) Passive Detection; (5) Point Detonation (Fuse)
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDB PSYOP Dissemination Battalion
PDC Propaganda Development Center
PDD Presidential Decision Directive
PDI Principal Deputy for Intelligence
PDF Panamanian Defense Force
PDL Program Design Language
PDM (1) Program Decision Memorandum; (2) Pulse Duration Modulation
PDMS Point Defense Missile Systems
PDMT Pursuit Deterrent Munition Trainer
PDOP Position Dilution of Precision
PDP (1) Program Decision Paper; (2) Programmable Data Processor
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDS (1) Passive Detection System; (2) Power Distribution System; (3) Production Deconfliction System; (4) Protected Distribution System PDSC PACOM Data Systems Center
PDSS Post-Deployment Software Support
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PDUSD(A&T) Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition & Technology)
PE (1) Probable Error; (2) Personnel Equipment; (3) Program Element; (4) Preliminary Exploitation; (5) Peace Enforcement
PEAD Presidential Emergency Affairs Documents
PEAS (1) Psychological Operations Effectiveness Analysis Subsystem; (2) PSYOP Effects Analysis System
PEC (1) Pacific Command Electronic Intelligence Center; (2) Program Element Code
PEG (1) Photo Exploitation Group; (2) Priority Exploitation Group; (3) Priorities for ELINT Guidance; (4) Program Element Group
PEH Probable Error in Height
PEI Production Enhancement Initiative
PEILS PACOM Executive Intelligence Summary
PEM (1) Purchased Equipment Maintenance; (2) Program Element Monitor
PEO Peace Enforcement Operation
PEOC4I Program Executive Officer for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
PEP Photographic Exploitation Products
PER Personnel
PERIGEE Perspective Image Generation and Exploitation System
PERINTREP Periodic Intelligence Report
PERINTSUM Periodic Intelligence Summary
PERM Processless Electron Recording Media
PERMCERT Permanent Certification
PERSCON Personal Contact
PEO Program Executive Officer
PEO-CCS PEO Command and Control Systems
PERSEC Personnel Security
PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique
PES Positive Enable System
PESM Passive Electronic Support Measures
PF Protection Factor
PFADS Psychological Operations Foreign Area Data Subsystem
PFD Power Flux Density
PFIAB President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
PFLP Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
PFM Production Functional Manager
PFOD Presumptive Finding of Death
PG (1) Patrol Combatant; (2) Persian Gulf; (3) Precision Guidance
PGDR Portable Data Reduction System
PGF Patrol Ship
PGG Guided-Missile Patrol Combatant
PGH Patrol Gunboat (Hydrofoil)
PGIP Postgraduate Intelligence Program
PGM Precision-Guided Munitions
PGR Reconnaissance Patrol Combatant
PGW Precision Guided Weapon
PGSS Publications and Graphics Subsystem
PHD Phase History Data
PHIBGRU Amphibious Group
PHIBRON Amphibious Squadron
PHIGS Programmer’s Hierarchical Interactive Graphics
PHM Patrol Combatant Missile (Hydrofoil)
PHOTOINT Photographic Intelligence
PHOTORECON Photographic Reconnaissance
PHS Public Health Service
PHYSEC Physical Security
PI (1) Photographic Interpretation/Interpreter; (2) Principal Investigator
PIAC PACOM Intelligence Architecture Committee
PIB (1) PACOM Intelligence Board; (2) Photo Interpretation Brief
PIC (1) Pacific Imagery Processing and Interpretation Center; (2) Parent Indicator Code; (3) Processing and Interpretation Center
PIF (1) Processing and Interpretation Facility; (2) Project Investment Fund
PIGS Passive Infrared Guidance System
PIICS PACOM - Intelligence Computer System
PILOT Phased Integrated Laser Optics Technology
PIM Path of Intended Movement
PIN (1) Preliminary Imagery Nomination File; (2) Photographic Intelligence Note; (3) Personal Increment Number; (4) Plan Identification Number; (5) Personal Identification Number; (6) PACOM Intelligence Net
PINES PACAF Interim National Exploitation Segment/System
PIP (1) Project Implementation Plan; (2) Product Improvement Package
PIR (1) Photo Interpretation Report; (2) Priority Intelligence Requirement
PIRATE Portable Imagery Receive and Transmission Equipment
PIREP Pilot Report
Pixel Picture Element
PJ Pararescue Jumper
PK (1) Probability of Kill; (2) Soviet (FSU) Light Machinegun; (3) Peacekeeping
PKA Public Key Algorithm
PKC Public Key Cryptography
PKK Kurdistan Worker’s Party
PKO Peace-Keeping Operation
PKSD Programmable Key Storage Device
PL (1) Phase Line; (2) Plans and Operations Division; (3) Public Law
PLA (1) Plain Language Address; (2) People’s Liberation Army (China)
PLARS Position Locating and Reporting System
PLGR Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver
PLL Prescribed Load List
PLNG Planning
PLRS Position Location Reporting System
PLO Palestinian Liberation Organization
PLP PSYOP Leaflet Payload
PLS Pre-Launch Survivability
PLSDU Physical Layer Service Data Unit
PLSS U.S. Precision Location Strike System
PLT/Plt Platoon
PM (1) Preventive Maintenance; (2) Post Meridian (after noon); (3) Prime Mover; (4) Preventive Medicine; (5) Program Manager; (6) Prime Minister; (7) Provost Marshall; Project Manager; (8) Production Manager; (9) Peacemaking
PMATS Program Management Automated Tool Set
PMB Program Management Board
PME Professional Military Education
PMF Project Management File
PMGM Program Manager’s Guidance Memorandum
PMIS (1) Personnel Management Information System; (2) PSYOP Management Information Subsystem
PMO (1) Program Management Office; (2) Project Management Office
P Model Preproduction Model
PMP Program Management Plan
PMPTS Program Management Performance Tracking System
PMR Primary Mission Readiness
PMRP Program Manager’s Recommended Program
PMS (1) Project Management System; (2) Preventive Maintenance System; (3) Precision Mensuration Software
PMSP Preliminary Message Security Protocol
PMTC Pacific Missile Test Center (Navy)
PN Packet Network
PNAF Prime Nuclear Airlift Force
PNCC PASS Network Control Center
PNEK Post-Nuclear-Event Key
PNE(T) Peaceful Nuclear Explosion (Treaty)
PNG Persona Non Grata
PNL Prescribed Nuclear Load
PNUTS Possible Nuclear Underground Test Site
PNVS Pilot Night Vision System
PO (1) Petty Officer; (2) Peace Operations
POA&M (1) Plan of Action and Milestones; (2) Plan of Attack and Milestones
POADS Psychological Operations Automated Data System
POAS Psychological Operations Automation System
POB (1) Place of Birth; (2) Psychological Operations Battalion
POC (1) Point of Contact; (2) Program of Cooperation; (3) Psychological Operations Company
POC/ET Proof of Concept/Experimental Testbed
POCS Portable Oxygen Charging System
POD Port of Debarkation
POE (1) Plan of Execution; (2) Point of Entry; (3) Port of Embarkation
POES Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite
POG Psychological Operations Group
POI Program of Instruction
POL (1) Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants; (2) Political
POL-MIL Political-Military
POLAD Political Advisor
POM (1) Program Objective Memorandum; (2) Preparation for Overseas Movement
POMCUS Prepositioned Organizational Materiel Configured in Unit Sets
POOS Parachute Offset Oxygen System
POP Point of Presence
POR Preparation for Oversees Replacement
PORTS (JOPES) (1) Portable Remote Telecommunications System; (2) Seaports Files; (3) Portable Receive and Transmit System
PORTS-1N Portable Receive and Transmit System - 1N
PORTSREP Ports Report File (JCS/J-3)
Pos Position
POSIX Preliminary Open System Interface Standard
Pos-Nav Positioning and Navigation
POST Prototype Ocean Surveillance Terminal
POTBI Places, Organizations, Things, Biographics, Intangibles
POTF Psychological Operations Task Force
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
POW Prisoner of War
POWERR Prototype Workstation for Electronic Warfare and Radio
PP Preprogramed
PPO Pilot and Payload Operator
PPBES Planning, Programming, and Budgeting Execution System
PPBS Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System
PPC Printing and Publications Center
PPDB Point Positioning Data Base
PPF Photographic Processing Facility
PPGM Planning and Programming Guidance Memorandum
PPI Pulse Position Indicator
PPIF Photographic Processing and Interpretation Facility
PPL Preferred Products List
PPM (1) Parts Per Million; (2) Pulse Position Modulation
PPMS Power Pattern Measurement System
PPS Precision and Positioning Service
PR (1) Production Requirement; (2) Personnel Recover
PRA (1) Permanent Restricted Area; (2) Population Reception Area (NATO)
PRAM Allied Mine
PRB Program Review Board
PRBAC Partition Rule Base Access Control
PRC (1) Policy Review Committee; (2) People’s Republic of China
PRC(I) Policy Review Committee (Intelligence) (now SIG(I))
PRCSO Peacetime Reconnaissance and Certain Sensitive Operations
PRD (1) Production Responsibilities Document; (2) Presidential Review Directive
PRDA Photo Reconnaissance Damage Assessment
PREMSS Photo Reconnaissance and Exploitation Management Support System
PREP/RAMP Pre-Edit Processor/Report and Message Processor
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRG Program Review Group
PRGB Point Reference Guild Book
PRI (1) Pulse Repetition Interval; (2) Primary Rate Interface
PRIMAC Production and Inventory Management and Control System
PRM Presidential Review Memorandum
PROC Processing/Process
PROCOMM Terminal Emulation Software for DOS Workstations
PROD Production
PROG Program
PROM Programmable Read-Only Memory
PROPIN Caution — Proprietary Information Involved
PRP Portable Radio Program
PRPG Preliminary Reference Point Graphic
PRS PACOM Remote System
PRSCO Peacetime Reconnaissance and Sensitive Collection Operations
PRT Personal Rapid Transit
PRTB Soviet (FSU) Mobile Rocket Technical Base
PRU Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
PS (1) Processing Station; (2) Processing Segmext; (3) Policy Support
Ps Permanent snowfields
PSAA Pacific Special Activities Area
PSAC President’s Scientific Advisory Committee
PSB Harbor Patrol Boat
PSC Principal Subordinate Command (NATO)
PSDU Physical Layer Service Data Unit
PSI (1) Pounds Per Square Inch; (2) Personnel Security Investigation
PSK Phase Shift Keying
PSL Protected Services List
PSN (1) Packet Switching Node; (2) Public Switched Network; (3) Packet Switched Network
Psns Positions
PSO (1) Protective Structure Only; (2) Personnel Security Office; (3) Post Security Officer
PSP (1) Pierced Steel Planking; (2) Planning Support Package
PSPS PSYOP Studies Program Subsystem
PSR (1) Post-Attack Status Report; (2) Periodic Status Report
PSRC Presidential Selected Reserve Call-Up
PSS Packet Switched Service
PST Pacific Standard Time
PSTN Public Switched Telecommunications Network
PSYOP Psychological Operations
PSYOPGP Psychological Operations Group
PSYWAR Psychological Warfare
PT (1) Torpedo Boat; (2) Part Time; (3) Physical Training
Pt Peat
PTADB Planning Terrain Analysis Data Base
PTG Missile Attack Boat
PTGP Part-Time Graduate Program
PTIAP PACOM Theater Intelligence Architecture Program
PTL Small Torpedo Boat
Ptl Patrol
PTN Pacific Tributary Network
PTP (1) Probability to Penetrate; (2) Point-to-Point
PTR/P Paper Tape Reader/Punch
PTS Predicasts Terminal System
PTSR Postmobilization Training Support Requirement
PTSS Passive Thermal Suppression Suit
PTT (1) Training Torpedo Boat; (2) Postal, Telephone, and Telegraph; (3) Push to talk
PTTP USPACOM Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
PTTDS Projected Target Trends Data Sheet (FTL)
PTTP USPACOM Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
Pub Publication
PUG Partially Underground
PUP (1) Performance Upgrade Program; (2) Pop-Up Point
PV Physical Vulnerability
PVDS Physical Vulnerability Data Sheets
PVITS Portable Video Imagery Transmission System
PVST Port Visit
PVO (1) Air Defense (FSU); (2) Private Voluntary Organization
PVTM Physical Vulnerability Technical Memorandum
PW (1) Prisoner(s) of War; (2) Pulse Width
PWDS Protected Wireline Distribution System
PWHQ Primary War Headquarters
PWI PACOM Warning Intelligence
PWIPS Pre-Launch Warning Intelligence Processing System
PWRS Prepositioned War Reserve Stock
PZ Pick-Up Zone