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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

LAAIB Latin American Air Intelligence Brief
LAAM Light Anti-Aircraft Missile
LAB Laboratory
LABS Laboratories
LAD Launch Assist Device
LADD Low Angle Drogue Delivery
LAEO Low-Altitude Electro-Optical
LAEWWING Light-Airborne Early Warning Wing
LAF Launch Alert Folder
LAFTA Latin America Free Trade Association
LAGEOS Laser Geodynamic Satellite
LAI (1) Light Armored Infantry; (2) Look-Down Air Intercept
LAL Library Accessions List
LALO Low-Altitude Low-Opening
LAM Louisiana Maneuvers
LAMM Land Armament and Manpower Model
LAMP Lockwood Analytical Method for Prediction LAMPS (1) Light Airborne Multipurpose System; (2) LANTCOM Message Processing System
LAN Local Area Network
LANDCENT Land Forces Central Region
LANDSAT Land Satellite (Commercial Multi-Spectral)
LANDSOUTH Land Forces Southern Region
LANFORSIXTHFLT Landing Force Sixth Fleet
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
LANT Atlantic
LANTAF Atlantic Command Air Forces
LANTAREA Atlantic Area
LANTCOM Atlantic Command (now ACOM)
LANTCOMDIS Atlantic Command Deployable Intelligence System
LANTCOM JIC Atlantic Command Joint Intelligence Center (AIC)
LANTDAC Atlantic Command Defense Analysis Center
LANTDIS USACOM Deployable Intelligence System
LANTFLT U.S. Atlantic Fleet
LANTIRN Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared System for Night
LANTIS Atlantic Intelligence Supplement
LANUP Local Area Network Upgrades
LANWAN Local Area Network/Wide Area Network
LAR Laser-Aided Rocket
LARB Light Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion
LARS Light Artillery Rocket System
LAS Land Analysis System
LASA Light Armed Surveillance Attack
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LASERFAX Secure System for Transmitting Photos
LASH Lighter Aboard Ship
LASINT Laser Intelligence
LASTE Low-Altitude Safety Targeting Enhancement
LAT Latitude
LATAM Latin America
LATIN Atlantic Command Theater Intelligence Network
LATS Large Aperture Tracking System
LATWING Light Attack Wing
LAV Light Armored Vehicle (non-tactical)
LAW Light Antitank Weapon
LAWS Long-Range Cruise Missile Analysis and Warning System
LB Live Broadcast
Lb Pound
L-BAND 1 to 2 GHz
LBR Laser Beam Recorder
lbs (LB) Pounds
LBSR Lightweight Battlefield Surveillance Radar
LC (1) Library of Congress; (2) Line of Contact
LCAC Landing Craft, Air Cushion
LCC (1) Amphibious Command Ship; (2) Logistics Coordination Center; (3) Launch Control Center;
(4) Land Component Commander
LCC-IC Amphibious Command Ship-Intelligence Center
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCE Liaison Coordination Element (Special Operations Liaison Team in Coalition Operations)
LCF Launch Control Facility
LCM (1) Medium Landing Craft; (2) Life Cycle Management
LCP (1) Personnel Landing Craft; (2) Launching Control Post
LCPR Ramped Personnel Landing Craft
LCS Low-Cost Satellite
LCSMM Life Cycle Support Management Model
LCSR Swimmer Reconnaissance Landing Craft
LCU (1) Utility Landing Craft; (2) Launch Correlation Unit
LCW Special Warfare Support Craft
LCWS Low-Cost Workstation
LD (1) Line of Departure; (2) Laser Defense
LDC (1) Less-Developed Country; (2) Local Data Concentrator; (3) Light-Weight Deployable Communication; (4) Land Defense of CONUS
LDEF Long Duration Exposure Facility
LDF Lightweight Digital Facsimile
LDIS Library Document Inventory System
LDM Limited Distance Modems
LDMX Local Digital Message Exchange
LDR Low Data Rate
LDS Laser Detection System
LDSD Lookdown/Shootdown
LDT Large Diameter Target
LDX Long-Distance XEROX
LEA Law Enforcement Agency
LEAD (1) Low-Cost Encryption/Authentication Device; (2) List of Emerging Activations and Dispositions
LEAF Law Enforcement Access Field
LEASAT (1) Leased Satellite; (2) Leased System
LED Light Emitting Diode
LEDS Link 11 Display System
LEM Land Engagement Model
LEN Large Extension Node
LENSCE Limited Enemy Situation Correlation Element
LEP Linear Error Probable
LEPCU Lightweight Environmental Protection Combat Uniform
LEO Low Earth Orbit
LEO COM Low Earth Orbit Data Communications
LERTCON Alert Condition
LES (1) Leading Edge Services; (2) Land Earth Station; (3) Limited Effects Submunition
LEW Limited Effects Weapons
LEXIS Meade Data Central Legal Service
LF (1) Low Frequency; (2) Launch Facility; (3) Landing Force
LF6F Landing Force 6th Feet
LFC Large Format Camera
LFICS Landing Force Integrated Communications System
LFM Landing Force Manual
LFOC Landing Force Operations Center
LFOV Limited Field of View
LFR Inshore Fire Support Ship
LFRSV Launch-Fly-Recover Space Vehicle
LFS Amphibious Warfare Fire Support Ship
LG ACC Director of Logistics
LGB Laser-Guided Bomb
LHA Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)
LHA-IC Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)-Intelligence Center
LHD Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship
L-HOUR Hour on C-Day when deployment begins
LHR Low Hop Rate
LHW Lower High Water
LHX Lightweight Helicopter
LIC Low-Intensity Conflict
LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging
LIGHTSAT Lightweight Satellite
LIMDIS (1) Limited Dissemination; (2) Limited Distribution
LIME Laser-Induced Magnetic Emissions
LIMMER Limited Control of Merchant Shipping
LIN LANTCOM Intelligence Network
LINCS Long-Range Intelligence Networked Communications Service
LIR Launch and Impact Report
LISS LANTCOM Intelligence Support System
LITE Laptop Imagery Transmission Equipment
LITES Laser Intercept and Technical Exploitation System
LITINT Literature Intelligence
LIVID Language Identification and Voice Identification
LIWA Land Information Warfare Activity
LJ Laser Jet
LKA Amphibious Cargo Ship
LKG Loop Key Generator
LL (1) Landline; (2) Latent Lethal Dose
LLLTV/IR Low-Light-Level TV/Infrared
LLSO Low-Level Source Operations (CI/HUMINT)
LLTV Low-Light-Level Television
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLO Land Liaison Office
LLW Lower Low Water
LLVI Low-Level Voice Intercept
LMBB GENSER Intelligence Broadcast
LMCC LOCE Mobile Correlation Center
LMD Local Management Device
LMD-KP Local Management Device/Key Processor
LME Layer Management Entry
LMI Layer Management Interface
LMR Land Mobile Radio
LMRDFS Lightweight Man-Transportable Radio Direction Finding System
LMS (1) Local Monitor Station; (2) Least Means Squared
LMSR Large Medium Speed RO/RO
LNA Low Noise Amplifier
LNE Liaison Element
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
LNIS Atlantic Command Naval Intelligence Summary
LNO (1) Limited Nuclear Option; (2) Liaison Officer
LNU Last Name Unknown
LO (1) Liaison Officer; (2) Low Observables
LO/LO Lift-On/Lift-Off
LOA (1) Letter of Agreement; (2) Lead Operational Authority; (3) Letter of Assist
LOAC Law of Armed Conflict
LOB Line of Bearing
LOC(S) (1) Line(s) of Communication; (2) Library of Congress; (3) Launch Operations Center; (4) Liaison Officer Coordinator; (5) Location; (6) ILS Localizer
LOCD Lines of Communication Designators
LOCE (1) Limited Operational Capability, Europe; (2) Linked Operations-Intelligence Centers Europe
LOCK Logical Co-Processing Kernel
LOD Low-Observable Demonstrations
LOFAR Low-Frequency Analysis and Recording
LOG Logistics
LOGCAP Logistics Civil Augmentation Program
LOGEX Logistics Exercise
LOGS Logistics
LOI (1) Letter of Instruction; (2) Location of Interest
LON Longitude
LONG Longitude
LORAD Long-Range Air Defense
LORAN Long-Range Navigation
LOROP Long-Range Oblique Photography
LOROPS (1) Long-Range Optical System; (2) Long-Range Oblique Photographic Sensor
LOS (1) Line of Sight; (2) Law of the Sea
LOTS (1) Lighter Over the Shore; (2) Logistics Over the Shore
LOW (1) Laws of War; (2) Launch on Warning
LOX Liquid Oxygen
LP Listening Post
LPA Amphibious Personnel Transport
LPAR Large Phased-Array Radar
LPC Linear Predictive Coding
LPD (1) Amphibious Assault Transport Dock; (2) Low Probability of Detection
LPD/I Low Probability of Detection/Intercept
LPF Low Pass Filter
LPG Liquefied Natural Gas
LPH Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
LPI (1) Low Probability Intercept; (2) Lines per Inch
LPO Leading Petty Officer
LPR Amphibious Transport (Small)
LPS (1) Logistics Planning Study; (2) Large Processing Station
LPSS Amphibious Transport Submarine
LPT Logistics Preparation of the Theater
LRA Long-Range Aviation (FSU)
LRAA Long-Range Air Army (FSU)
LRAACA Long-Range Air-ASW Capable Aircraft
LRAAM Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile
LRC (1) Logistics Readiness Center; (2) Logistics Resupply Center; (3) Lesser Regional Contingency; (4) Limited Regional Conflict; (5) Limited Regional Contingency
LRCM Long-Range Cruise Missile
LRCS Light-Reaction Communications System
LRE Launch and Recovery Element
LREO Long Range Electro-Optical
LRINF Longer Range Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
LRIP Limited/Low-Rate Initial Production
LRL Low-Cost Receive Location
LRM Low-Rate Multiplexer
LRP (1) Low-Rate Production; (2) Long-Range Plan; (3) Limited Response Package
LRR Long-Range Reconnaissance
LRRP Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol
LRSC Long-Range Surveillance Company
LRSO Long-Range Surveillance Out-Post
LRSP (1) Long-Range Surveillance Plan; (2) Long-Range Systems Plan
LRSPRAC Long-Range Special Reporting and Coordination
LRSTIA Long-Range Scientific and Technical Intelligence Assessment
LRSU Long-Range Surveillance Unit
LRTNF Long-Range Theater Nuclear Forces
LRU Line-Replaceable Unit
LSA (1) Logistics Support Analysis; (2) LAN Systems Administrator
LSB Lower Sideband
LSC Linear Shaped Charge
LSCS Logistics Support Command, Somalia
LSD (1) Landing Ship, Dock; (2) Lease Separation Distance
LSDV Swimmer Delivery Vehicle
LSE Logistic Support Element
LSG Large-Scale Graphics
LSI Large-Scale Integration
LSM Medium Amphibious Assault Landing Ship
LSP Launch Sequence Plan
LSS Library Support System
LSSA Logistic System Support Activity
LSSC Light Seal Support Craft
LST (1) Amphibious Vehicle Landing Ship; (2) Local Standard Time
LST-5C Deployable Satellite Terminal
LSV Light Strike Vehicle
LT (1) Light Table (2) Light
LTAC Land Terminal Access Control
LTAS Lightweight Tactical Army Satellite Communications System
LTBT Limited Test Ban Treaty
Ltd Limited
LTDP NATO Long-Term Defense Program
LTDS Laser Target Designator System
LTI Lightweight Thermal Imager
LTID Laser Target Interface Device
LTIOV Latest Time Information of Value
LTMS Light Table Mensuration System
LTOE Living Table of Organization and Equipment
LUA Launch Under Attack
LUT Limited User Test
LVDS Low-Volume Dissemination System
LW Low Water
LWA Light Weight Aircraft
LWIR Long-Wavelength Infrared
LWM Lightweight Motor
LWOP Leave Without Pay
LWR Lutheran World Relief, Inc
LWT Amphibious Warping Tug
LZ Landing Zone
LZCT Landing Zone Control Team