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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

G Gain
G1 Assistant Chief of Staff, G1 (Personnel)
G2 or G-2 (1) Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence); (2) Army or Ground Directorate of Intelligence;
(3) General Corps Staff Intelligence Officer
G3 Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)
G4 Assistant Chief of Staff, G4 (Logistics)
G5 Assistant Chief of Staff, G5 (Civil Affairs)
G6 Director(ate) of C4
G8 Director(ate) of Resource Management
GA Ground Attack
GaAs Gallium Arsenide
GACC Ground Attack Coordination Center
GAD Guards Artillery Division
GADT Ground/Air Defense Threat
GAF Ground Alert Facility (of PAC ABNCP)
GAFIA German Armed Forces Intelligence Agency
GALE Generic Area Limitation Environment
GALS FSU Satellite (“Horizon”)
GAMO Ground and Amphibious Military Operations
GAO General Accounting Office
GAS (1) Gray Area Systems; (2) Getaway Special
GAT (1) Government Acceptance Test; (2) Guidance, Apportionment, and Targeting
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (UN)
GB (1) Gigabyte; (2) Guardband
GBCS(-L or -H) Ground-Based Common Sensor (-Light or -Heavy)
GBI Ground-Based Interceptor
GBL Ground-Based Laser
GBMD Global Ballistic Missile Defense
GBR Ground-Based Radar
GBS Global Broadcast System
GBU Guided Bomb Unit
GC Gun Camera
GCA Ground Controlled Approach
GCC (1) Government Control Center; (2) Ground Component Commander; (3) Gulf Cooperation
Council; (4) Global Control Center
GCCS (1) Ground Command and Control System; (2) Global Command and Control System
GCDCAL Great Circle Distance Calculator
GCE Ground Combat Element
GCI Ground-Controlled Intercept
GCN Ground Communications Network
GCNTTY Ground Communications Network Teletype
GCP Ground-Controlled Processor
GCP-E Ground-Controlled Processor-ELINT
GCS (1) Graphics Compatibility System; (2) Ground Control Station; (3) Global Connectivity Services; (4) Global Communications System
GCSS Global Combat Support System
GDA Gimbaled Dish Antenna
GDBI Generic Data Base Interface
GDBMS Generic Data Base Management Server
GDIC General Defense Intelligence Community
GDIP General Defense Intelligence Program
GDIPP General Defense Intelligence Proposed Program
GDL Gas Dynamic Laser
GDOP Geometric Dilution of Precision
GDP (1) General Defense Plan; (2) Gross Defense Product; (3) Ground Defense Position; (4) Gross Domestic Product
GDPS Ground Data Processing System
GDRS Ground Data Reduction System
GDS (1) General Declassification Schedule; (2) FSU Guards; (3) Group Decision Support
GDSS Global Decision Support System
GDT Ground Data Terminal
Gen General
GEM Ground Effects Machine
GEN (1) Generation; (2) General
GENIC German National Intelligence Cell (NATO)
GENREP General Reports
GENSER General Service (Communications)
GEO Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
GEODIS Geographic Display
GEODSS Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep-Space Surveillance System
GEOFILE (1) Geographic Locations Code File System; (2) Geolocation File (JOPES)
GEOREF Global Reference System, a worldwide position reference system that may be applied to any map or chart graduated in latitude and longitude regardless of projection.
GEOSAT Geological Satellite
GEP Ground Entry Point
GEPS Generic Electronic Publishing System
GES Ground Entry Station
GFAC Ground Forward Air Controller
GFCP Generic Front-End Communications Package
GFE Government Furnished Equipment
GFTD Global Force Trends Data Base
GFR Gap Filler Radar
GGI&S Global Geospatial and Information Services
GHz Gigahertz
GIGSTER NSA Video Teleconferencing System
GIIPS Geographic Installation Intelligence Production Specifications
GIITS General Intelligence Imagery Training System
GIN Greenland-Iceland-Norway
GIPD (1) General Intelligence Production Detachment; (2) General Intelligence Production Division
GIPMIS General Intelligence Production Management Information System
GIPS Geographic Installation Intelligence Production Specifications
GIPSY Graphics Information or Presentation System
GIS Geographical Information System
GIST Graphical Intelligence Support Terminal
GITAC General Intelligence Training Advisory Committee
GITC General Intelligence Training Center
GITS General Intelligence Training System
GIUK Greenland-Iceland-United Kingdom
GKNT State Committee for Science and Technology (FSU)
GKS Graphics Kernel System
GL Grenade Launcher
GLCM Ground-Launched Cruise Missile
GLLD U.S. Ground Laser Locator Designator (for COPPERHEAD)
GLMX Geological Multi-Source Exploitation (System)
GLOBIXS Global Information Exchange System
GLOMR Global Low-Orbiting Message Relay
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System
GM Guided Missile
GMD Global Missile Defense
GMF Ground Mobile Forces
GMFP Global Military Force Policy
GMFSC Ground Mobile Force Satellite Communications
GMI (1) General Medical Intelligence; (2) General Military Intelligence
GMIPP General Military Intelligence Production Plan
GMIT Ground Military Intelligence Team (ROK)
GMRD Guards Motorized Rifle Division (FSU)
GMS (1) Ground Mobile System; (2) Geostationary Meteorological Satellite; (3) Ground Mission Supervisor
GMT Greenwich Mean Time (Zulu)
GMTI Ground Moving Target Indicator GNAS Gateway Network Access System
GNC Global Navigation Chart
GND Ground
GNP Gross National Product
GNS Global Network Segment
GNST Glossary of Naval Ship Types
GO() Government of (Name of Country)
G-O Office of Law Enforcement and Defense Operations (USCG)
G-OINS Intelligence Division (USCG/G-O)
G-OIS Investigations and Security Division (USCG/G-O)
GOB Ground Order of Battle
GOC (1) General Officer Commanding (UK); (2) Government of Canada; (3) Global Operations Center
GOCO Government Owned Contractor Operated
GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites
GOLDS General On-Line Display System
GOLDWING Army HF Radio; HF communications system for meteorological and other operations
GOMS Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite
GOP Generated Option Plan
GOR General Operational Requirement
GORB General Officer Review Board
GOS Grade of Service
GOSC General Officer Steering Committee
GOSIA Government Open System Interconnect Architecture
GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnected Profile
GOSPLAN State Planning Committee (FSU)
GOSSNAB State Committee for Material-Technical Supply (FSU)
GOTS Government Off-the-Shelf
GP (1) Group; (2) General Purpose
GPALS Global Protection Against Limited Strikes
GPEE General Purpose Encryption Equipment
GPF (1) General Purpose Forces; (2) Ground Processing Facility
gph Gallons Per Hour
GP NAF General Purpose Numbered Air Force
GPNDS Global Positioning & Nuclear Detection System
GPO Government Printing Office
GPS (1) Global Positioning System; (2) Grid Producing Source; (3) Geographical Positioning System; (4) Ground Processing Stations
GPSCS General Purpose Satellite Communications System
GR (1) Graphical Reporting; (2) Gateway Router
GRAD Graduate
GRANITE SENTRY Proper Name of System
GRID Brand of Portable PC
GRIPF GUARDRAIL Integrated Processing Facility
GRD Ground Resolved Distance
GREEN FLAG ACC live-fly electronic combat exercise
GRG Gridded Reference Graphic
GRO Gamma Ray Observatory
GROFIS Ground Forces Intelligence Study
GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic
GRT Gross Registered Tonnage
GRU FSU General Staff Intelligence Organization
GS (1) General Staff, (2) General Support; (3) Geological Survey; (4) General Schedule; (5) General Service; (6) Government Service (Federal Civil Service); (7) Ground Station; (8) Government Civilian
GSA General Services Administration
GSD (1) Ground Sample Distance; (2) Graphical Situation Display
GSE Ground Support Equipment
GSF (1) Ground Support Fighter (FSU); (2) Group of Soviet Forces; (3) Ground Station Facility
GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center
GSFG Group of Soviet Forces Germany
GSFM Group of Soviet Forces Mongolia
GSICS General Support Interim Contractor Support
GSM (1) Ground Support Module (JSTARS); (2) Ground Station Module
GSOAF GGI&S Special Operations Applications Facility
GSP General Strike Plan
GSR (1) General Support Reinforcing; (2) Ground Surveillance Radar
GSRS U.S. General Support Rocket System
GSS (1) Global Support System; (2) General System Specification
GST (1) Ground Sensor Terminal; (2) Ground Station Terminal; (3) Ground Support Terminal
GSTS Ground-Based Surveillance and Tracking System
GSTN General Switched Telephone Network
GSU Geographically Separated Unit
G/T Ratio of Antenna Gain to Noise Temperature
GTA Government Training Aid
GTAB Global Transportation Analysis Bulletin
GTD Guards Tank Division (FSU)
GTN Global Transportation Network
GTS Global Telecommunications Service
GTC Gas Turbine Compressor
GTTC Goodfellow Technical Training Center
GUI Graphics User Interface
GW (1) Guided Weapon; (2) Gateway; (3) Guerrilla Warfare
G/W Gateway
GWC Global Weather Control
GWEN Ground Wave Emergency Network
GWIC Great Wall Industries Corporation (China)
GWIP Global Weather Intercept Program
GWP General Work Plan
GW/R Gateway/Router
GWS Gaps, Weaknesses, and Shortfalls (also GW&S)
GYRO Gyroscope or Gyroscopic
GZ Ground Zero