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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder

5D Demand-Driven Direct Digital Dissemination
D (1) Deciduous; (2) Density
D2 Data Distribution
DA (1) Department of the Army; (2) Long-Range Aviation (USSR); (3) Double Agent; (4) Direct Action
D/A Digital/Analog
DAA Designated Approval Authority
DAB Defense Acquisition Board
DABM Defense Against Ballistic Missiles (Now SDI)
DABS Dynamic Air Blast Simulator
DAC (1) Development Assistance Committee of OECD; (2) Department of Army Civilian; (3) Discretionary Access Control
DACCO Department of the Army Central Control Office
DACCS Digital Access Cross-Connect System/Switch
DACOM Data Communications
DACOS Deputy Assistant Chief of Station
DACOS/I Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff-Intelligence
DACT Dissimilar Air Combat Tactics
DACU (1) Device Access Control Unit; (2) Device Attachment Control Unit
DAD Dual Air Density
DAES Defense Acquisition Executive Summary
DAF Department of the Air Force
DAG (1) Defense Special Security Communications Systems Address Group; (2) Divisional Artillery Group (FSU)
DAIRSDIA Advanced Imagery Reproduction System
DAISY Daily Summary
DAJDIA Office Symbol for JMITC
DALASP Defense Advanced Language and Area Studies Program
DALATS Data Logging and Transmission System
DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access
DAMI Department of the Army Military Intelligence
DAMPL Department of the Army Master Priority List
DAO Defense Attache Office
DAP Designated Acquisition Program
DAPA Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor
DAR Designated Area for Recovery
DARC District Area Command
DARO Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office
DARP Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Program
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARS (1) Daily Aerial Reconnaissance and Surveillance; (2) Daily Apportionment and Reconnaissance Scheduling; (3) Daily Aerial Reconnaissance Syndicate
DARSC Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Steering Committee
DARSP Defense Academic Research Support Program
DART (1) Developmental Air Reports Tracker; (2) Deployable Automated Remote Terminal
DARTS Digital Antijam Radio Teletype System
DAS (1) Defense Attache System; (2) Data Acquisition Segment
DASC Direct Air Support Center
DASD (1) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense; (2) Direct Access Storage Device
DASD(I&S) Deputy ASD (Intelligence and Security)
DASH Deployable Automated Support Host
DASPA Defense Attache System Property Accounting
DASR Defense Analysis Special Report
DASVA Defense Attache System Vehicle Accounting
DAT Direct Action Team
DATAINT Data Intelligence
DATEXT Data Extract
DATPS Diver Active Thermal Protection System
DATS Data Automated Tower Simulation
DATT Defense Attache
DAWN Defense Attache Worldwide Network
DAWS Defense Automated Warning System
DAYLT Daylight
dB Decibel
DB Data Base
DBA Data Base Administrator
DBAS Data Base Applications System
DBBL Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab
DBC Data Base Correlation
DBCTRL Data Base Control
DBD Data Burst Device
dBi Decibel (referenced to isotropic radiator)
DBIDI Data Base of Imagery-Derived Information
DBK Dominant Battlefield Knowledge
dB/K Decibels per Degrees Kelvin
dBm Decibels (referred to 1 milliwatt)
DBMAINT Data Base Administrator
DBMS Data Base Management System
DBQ Data Base Query
DBS (1) Data Broadcast System (also known as SCAMPI); (2) Direct Broadcast Service
dBSM Decibels Per Square Meter
dBw Decibels Referenced to One Watt of Power
DC (1) District Commissioner; (2) Damage Control; (3) Defense Council; (4) Direct Current
DCA (1) Defense Communications Agency; (2) Defense Cooperation Agreement; (3) Defensive Counter Air
DCAEUR Defense Communications Agency Europe
DCAOC DCA Operations Control Center
DCAPSS Dual Criteria Aimpoint Selection System
DCAS (1) Deployable Consolidated Applications Server; (2) Deployable Communications Applications Shelter
DCCC Defense Collection Coordination Center
DCE (1) Defensive Counter Espionage; (2) Data Communications Equipment
D-Cell Deployment Cell
DCF DOCS Certification Facility
DCG Deputy Commanding General
DCGS Distributed Common Ground System
DCI Director of Central Intelligence
DCIA Director, Central Intelligence Agency
DCIB Defense Counterintelligence Board
DCID Director of Central Intelligence Directive
DCII Defense Central Index of Investigations
DCI&S Director of Counterintelligence and Security
DCIIS Defense CI Integrated Information System
DCINC Deputy Commander in Chief
DCIP Defense Counterdrug Intelligence Program
DCL Direct Communications Link
DCM Deputy Chief of Mission
DCMM Database Creation and Management Module
DCMS Database Creation and Management Segment
DCN Defense Communications Network
DCO (1) Defense Communications Office; (2) Deputy Commander for Operations (USAFE); (3) Dial Central Office; (4) Deputy Commanding Officer
DCOS Deputy Chief of Staff
DCOSIPR Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence Plans and Requirements
DCP (1) Disaster Control Plan; (2) Decision Coordinating Paper; (3) Defense Cryptologic Program
DCR Data Change Request
DCRSI Digital Cassette Recording System (Improved)
DCS (1) Defense Communications System; (2) Deputy Chief of Staff; (3) Defense Courier Service
DCS/I Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence
DCS/IN Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
DCSCA Defense Communications System Central Area
DCSEC Deputy Chief of Staff, Security
DCSI Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence
DCSIM Deputy Chief of Staff, Information Management
DCSI/DCSINT Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence (USAREUR)
DCSINT Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (U.S. Army)
DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DCSO Deputy Commander for Space Operations
DCSOPS Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations & Plans
DCSP Design Controlled Spare Part(s)
DCSPER Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
DCS/SSI Deputy Chief of Staff for Safety, Security, and Intelligence
DCSTOP Damage Criteria Study Target Data Base
DCTN Defense Commercial Telecommunications/Teleconferencing Network
DD (1) Destroyer; (2) Deputy Director; (3) Department of Defense; (4) Differential Doppler
D&D Denial and Deception
DDAC Foreign Denial and Deception Analysis Committee
D/DARO Director, DARO
D-Day Day in which a particular operation begins
DDC (1) Defense Documentation Center; (2) Data Distribution Center
DDCI Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
DDCMP Digital Data Communications Message Protocol
DDDDD Demand-Driven Direct Digital Dissemination System
DDG Guided Missile Destroyer
DDGN Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Destroyer
DDH Aviation Destroyer (ASW)
DDHG Guided-Missile Aviation Destroyer
DDHGN Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Aviation Destroyer
DDHN Nuclear-Powered Aviation Destroyer
DDI Deputy Director of Intelligence
DDL Direct Data Link
DDN (1) Defense Data Network; (2) Defense Dissemination Network
DDO (1) Deputy Director of Operations; (2) Deputy Duty Officer
DDP Defense Dissemination Program
DDPO Defense Dissemination Program Office
DDR&E Director, Defense Research and Engineering
DDRS Defense Data Repository System
DDS (1) Defense Dissemination System; (2) Dry Deck Shelter; (3) Dual Driver Service (courier)
DDS/RL Defense Dissemination System/Receive Location
DDSP Defense Development Sharing Project
DDSS Document Dissemination and Storage Segment
DDT (1) Training Destroyer; (2) Distributed Decision-Aid Terminal
DDU Distant Device Unit
DE (1) Damage Expectancy; (2) Directed Energy; (3) Directorate for Estimates (DIA)
DE-U Dissemination Element-Upgrade
DE/EW Directed Energy/Electronic Warfare
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
DEACON Defense Estimates Analytical Computer On-Line Network
DEB (1) Digital European Backbone; (2) Defense Estimative Brief; (3) Debris (Orbital)
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DEC (VAX) Digital Equipment Corporation (Virtual Address Extension)
DECCO Defense Commercial Contracting Office (now DITCO)
DECM (1) Defense Electronic Countermeasures; (2) Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures
DECON Decontaminate(ion)
DEDAC Deception and Denial Analysis Committee
DEDDF Digital Elevation Data Dubbing Facility
DEF Defense
DEFCON (1) Defense Condition; (2) Defense Readiness Condition
DEFCOS Defense Courier System
DEFPLAN Defense Plan
DEFSMAC Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center
Deg Degree
DEGRAD Degradation
DELORME a Digital Mapping Computer Program
DEMEX Demonstration Exercise
DEMOD Demodulator
DEMONS Demonstration System
DEMPC Data Exploitation, Mission Planning, Communications/Center
DENAS Daily European Naval Activity Summary
DEP (1) Deflection Error Probable; (2) Defense Estimate for Production; (3) Deployed
DEPCOMUSNAVCENT Deputy Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command
DEPREP Deployment Report
DEPSECDEF Deputy Secretary of Defense
DEPT Department
DES (1) Digital Exploitation System; (2) Data Encryption Standard
DESA Defense Evaluation Support Activity
DESC Defense Electronics Supply Center
DESIGN Designator (U.S. Navy)
DESIST Decision Support and Information System for Terrorism
DESS Defense Exploitation Support System
DESRON Destroyer Squadron
DET/Det Detachment
DEW (1) Distant Early Warning; (2) Directed Energy Weapon
DEWLINE Distant Early Warning Line
DF (1) Direction Finding; (2) Disposition Form; (3) Deuterium Floride
DFAD Digitized Feature Analysis Data
DFDS Data Facility Dataset Services
DFED Digitized Features Data
DFH Deployed Forward Headquarters
DFLP (1) Defense Foreign Language Program; (2) Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
DFM Deterrent Force Modules
DFOV Dual Field of View
DFRIF Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet
DFS Direction Finding Subsystem
DFT (1) Deployed for Training Team; (2) Deployment for Training
DG Defense Guidance
DGCL Ground Mobile Forces Control Link
DGCS Downsized Ground Control Station
DGCT Downsized Ground Control Terminal
DGIAP Defense General Intelligence Applications Program
DGIF Deployable Ground Intercept Facility
DGIS Director General Intelligence and Security
DGITS Digital Graphics Information Tailoring System
DGS Deployable Ground Station
DGU Downgrade to Unclassified
DGZ (1) Desired Ground Zero; (2) Designated Ground Zero
DH-7 deHavilland Dash 7 (Drug Interdiction Aircraft)
DHCA Data Handling Capability Analysis
DHFN Direct Hire Foreign National
DHS Defense HUMINT Service
DI (1) Director of Intelligence (USEUCOM); (2) Directorate for Foreign Intelligence (DIA)
DIA (1) Defense Intelligence Agency; (2) Defense Intelligence Assessment
DIA/CS Defense Intelligence Agency/Command Support
DIAAPR Defense Intelligence Agency Appraisal
DIAC Defense Intelligence Analysis Center
DIAI DIA Instruction
DIAIAPPR DIA Intelligence Appraisal
DIAL Defense Intelligence Agency Liaison
DIAL-J DIA Liaison Office for Japan
DIALO DIA Liaison Office
DIALOG DIA Information Retrieval System
DIAM Defense Intelligence Agency Manual
DIAMCP DIA Master Contingency Plan
DIANM DIA Analytical Memorandum
DIAOB Defense Intelligence Air Order of Battle
DIAOLS DIA On-Line System
DIAR DIA Regulation
DIATP DIA Tactical Program
DIATS DIA Terrorism Summary
DIB (1) Defense Intelligence Board; (2) Defense Intelligence Brief; (3) Directory Information Base
DIC (1) Defense Intelligence Community; (2) Difference in Condition; (3) Defense Intelligence College (Now JMIC); (4) Defense Intelligence Commentary
DICBM Depressed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
DICP Defense Intelligence Counterdrug Program
DID (1) Data Line Description; (2) Defense Intelligence Digest (Now Military Intelligence Digest); (3) Data Item Description
DIDHS Deployable Intelligence Data Handling System
DIDOP Digital Image Data Output Product
DIDS Defense Intelligence Dissemination System
DIDSRS Defense Intelligence Dissemination, Storage and Retrieval
DIE Defense Intelligence Estimate
DIEB Defense Intelligence Executive Board
DIEC Deployable Imagery Exploitation Capability
DIEPS Digital Imagery Exploitation and Production System
DIEM Defense Intelligence Estimates Memorandum
DIEOB Defense Intelligence Electronic Order of Battle
DIFAR (1) Directional Frequency Analysis and Recording System; (2) Directional Frequency and Ranging
DIFAX (1) Defense Intelligence Facsimile; (2) Defense Intelligence Security Facsimile Network
DIFM Defense Intelligence Functional Manager
DIFR Defense Intelligence Facility Report
DIGITS Digital Geographic Information Tailoring System
DIGOB Defense Intelligence Ground Order of Battle
DIH Daily Intelligence Highlights
DIHEST Direct Induced High-Explosives Simulation Technique
DII Defense Information Infrastructure
DIIN Defense Imagery Intelligence Notice
DIIP Defense Intelligence Interoperability Panel
DIIPS Digital Imagery Interactive Processing System
DIIS DIA Integrated Intelligence System
DILC Dedicated Intelligence Loop Circuit
DIM Defense Intelligence Memorandum
DIMES Digital Image Manipulation & Enhancement System
DIMMD Diver Integral Magnetic Mine Detector
DIMOB Defense Intelligence Missile Order of Battle
DIMSS DSN Integrated Management Support System
DIN (1) Defense Intelligence Notice; (2) Defense Intelligence Network; (3) AUTODIN
DINAH Desktop Interface to AUTODIN Host
DINOB Defense Intelligence Naval Order of Battle
DINSUM Defense Intelligence Summary
DIO (1) Defense Intelligence Officer (DIA); (2) District Intelligence Officer (U.S. Navy); (3) Defence Intelligence Organisation (Australian)
DIOB Defense Intelligence Order of Battle
DIOBS Defense Intelligence Order of Battle System
DIOP Defense Intelligence Objectives and Priorities
DIP (1) Defense Intelligence Plan; (2) Defense Imagery Program
DIPC Defense Intelligence Production Council/Conference
DIPFAC (1) U.S. Diplomatic Facilities Graphic; (2) Diplomatic Facility
DIPOLES Defense Intelligence Photoreconnaissance On-Line Exploitation System
DIPP Defense Intelligence Projection for Planning
DIPS (1) Defense Intelligence Production Schedule; (2) Digital Imagery Processing System; (3) Def Intelligence Production Study
DIR (1) Defense Intelligence Report; (2) Directive; (3) Defense Imagery Report; (4) Director; (5) Direction
DIRCM Direct Infrared Countermeasures
DIRES Defense Imagery Requirements and Exploitation System
DIRINT Director of Intelligence
DIRLAUTH Direct Liaison Authorized
DIRNSA Director, National Security Agency
DIRNSA/CHCSS Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service
DIROI Directorate Operating Instruction
DIRS (1) Defense Intelligence Reference Series; (2) Defense Imagery Reference Series
DIS (1) Defence Intelligence Staff (U.K.); (2) Defense Investigative Service; (3) Defense Intelligence Summary; (4) Daily Intelligence Summary; (5) Distributive Interactive Simulation;
(6) Data Integration System; (7) Defense Information System
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency
DISA-EUR Defense Information Systems Agency-Europe
DISA WESTHEM DISA Western Hemisphere
DISAM Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management
DISC Daily Intelligence Summary Cable
DISC4 Director of Information Systems Command, Control, Communications and Computers
DISCAS Defense Intelligence Special Career Automated System
DISE Deployable Intelligence Support Element
DISECS Defense Intelligence Space Exploitation and Correlation System
DISES Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service
DISIDS Display and Information Distribution System/Subsystem
DISMOB Defense Intelligence Strategic Missile Order of Battle
DISN Defense Information Systems Network
DISNET Defense Integrated Secure Network
DISO Defense Intelligence Support Office
DISOB Defense Intelligence Space Order of Battle
DISP Defense Industrial Security Program
DISPEWT Defense Intelligence Space Electronic Warfare Threat Data Base
DISR (1) Daily Indicator Status Report; (2) Defense Indications Status Report
DISS (1) Digest of Intelligence and Security Services; (2) Dissemination
DISSEM Dissemination
DISSO Deputy Information Systems Security Officer
DIST Digital Imagery Support Terminal
DISTAFF Directing Staff (NATO Commands, JECG)
DISTS Defense Intelligence Secure Telephone System
DISTP Defense Intelligence Special Technologies Program
DISUM (1) Daily Intelligence Summary;(2) Defense Intelligence Summary
DIT Defense Intelligence Thesaurus
DITB Digital Imagery Test Bed
DITCO Defense Information Technology Contracting Office (formerly DECCO)
DITDS Defense Intelligence Threat Data System
DITEQ Defense Intelligence Thesaurus Equivalency List
DITFOR Defense Intelligence Technical Forum
DITS Digital Imagery Transmission System
DITSUM Defense Intelligence Terrorism Summary
DIV (1) Division; (2) Defense Intelligence Videocassette
DIVARTY Division Artillery
DIVISION Enciphered Television
DIW Dead in Water
DIWO Duty Intelligence Watch Officer
DIWS (1) Digital Imagery Workstation Suite; (2) Defense Indications and Warning System; (3) DOD Intelligence Warning System
DJ2 Deputy Director of Intelligence
DJS Director, Joint Staff
DJSM DJS Memorandum
DJTF Deployable Joint Task Force
DJTFAC DJTF Augmentation Cell
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLAB Defense Language Aptitude Battery
DLEA Drug Law Enforcement Agency
DLED Dedicated Loop Encryption Device
DLI Defense Language Institute
DLIFLC Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center
DLO Defense Liaison Office
DLPT Defense Language Proficiency Test
DLTV Daylight Television
D&M Detection and Monitoring
DM (1) Dissemination Manager; (2) Decompression Monitor
DMA (1) Defense Mapping Agency; (2) Direct Memory Access
DMAAC Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center
DMACSC Defense Mapping Agency Combat Support Center
DMAHTC DMA Hydrographic and Topographic Center
DMAI Defense Mapping Agency Instruction
DMAL Defense Mapping Agency Liaison
DMAR Deferred Maintenance and Repair
DMB DODIIS Management Board
DMC&GP Defense MC&G Program
DMD Digital Message Device
DMDG Digital Message Device Group
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DMED Digital Message Entry Device
DMFE DAWS Message Front End
DMI Directorate of Military Intelligence
DMOB Defensive Missile Order of Battle
DMOS Daily Maritime OPINTEL Summary
DMPC Deployment Media Production Center Project
DMPI Desired Mean Point of Impact
DMS (1) Data Management System; (2) Defense Message System
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite (or Support) Program
DMZ Demilitarized Zone
DN (1) Data Net; (2) Duplicate Negative; (3) Department of the Navy
DNA (1) Defense Nuclear Agency; (2) Deoxyribonucleic Acid
DNAS (1) DODIIS Network Access System; (2) Data Network Access System
DNC (1) Director, Naval Communications; (2) Digital Nautical Chart
DNCC Data Network Control Center
DND Department of National Defence (Canada)
DNI Director of Naval Intelligence
DNSIX DODIIS Network Security for Information Exchange
DNVT Digital Non-Secure Voice Terminal
DO Director of Operations
DOA (1) Department of the Army; (2) Date of Arrival; (3) Director of Administration; (4) Dead on Arrival
DOAT JAC Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence Analysis Branch
DOB (1) Depth of Burst; (2) Date of Birth; (3) Defense Order of Battle
DOC Department of Commerce
DOCC (1) Defense Communications Agency Operations Center Complex; (2) Deep Operations Coordination Cell; (3) DISA Operational Control Complex
DOCEX (1) Document Exploitation; (2) Document Exploitation Center
DOCKLAMP Defense Attache System Message Channel
DOCS DSCS Operations Control System
DoD, DOD (1) Department of Defense; (2) Date of Death; (3) Date of Departure
DODCI DoD Computer Institute
DODCSC Department of Defense Computer Security Center
DODD DoD Directive
DODFCIP DoD Foreign Counterintelligence Program
DODFDCO Department of Defense Foreign Disclosure Coordinating Office
DODFIP DoD Futures Intelligence Program
DODIIS DoD Intelligence Information System
DODIIS SCINET DoDIIS Sensitive Compartmented Information Network
DODIMS DoD Intelligence Management System
DODIPP DoD Intelligence Production Program
DODNACC Department of Defense National Agency Check Center
DODSATCOM DoD Satellite Communications Program
DOD SAT COM DOD Satellite Communications
DODSI Department of Defense Security Institute
DODSPECREP DoD Special Representative
DOD TCSEC DOD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
DOE Department of Energy
DOF Disposition of Forces
DOI (1) Date of Information; (2) Duration of Illumination; (3) Director of Intelligence; (4) Imagery Division (JAC); (5) Director of Operations and Intelligence; (6) DSSCS Operating Instruction; (7) Date of Intercept
DOJ Department of Justice
DOMS Directorate of Military Support
DOMSAT Domestic Satellite
DON Department of the Navy
DOO Daily Operations Order (NATO)
DOPS DIA Outline Plotting System
DOS (1) Department of State; (2) Date of Separation; (3) Disk Operating System; (4) Direct Operating System
DOSCOM Division Support Command
DoSIP Department of State Intelligence Program
DOSTN Department of State Telecommunications Network
DOT Department of Transportation
DP (1) Duplicate Positive; (2) Development Program; (3) Displaced Person; (4) Delegated Production;
(5) Directorate of Production; (6) Data Processing; (7) Decision Point; (8) Director of Personnel
DPAC Defense Program Analysis Center
DPAE Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation
DPAS (1) Digital Patch and Access System; (2) Defense Priorities and Allocations System
DPC Defense Planning Committee (NATO)
DPF Digital Processing Facility
DPG Defense Planning Guidance
DPI Desired Point of Impact
DPIC (1) Decentralized Pacific Imagery Processing and Interpretation Center; (2) Defense Photographic Interpretation Center
DPICM Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions
DPKO Department of Peacekeeping Operations
DPL Degausser Products List
DPM Dissemination Program Manager
DPOB Date, Place of Birth
DPOM Directorate of Plans, Operations, and Mobilization
DPOMIS Directorate of Plans, Operations, Mobilization, Intelligence, and Security
DPP (1) Delegated Production Program; (2) Deliberate Planning Process; (3) Distributed Production Program
DPPC Deployable Print Production Center
DPPDB Digital Point Positioning Database
DPPG Defense Policy and Planning Guidance
DPQ Defense Planning Questionnaire (NATO)
DPRB Defense Planning and Resources Board
DPRK Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
DPS (1) Delegated Production System; (2) Data Processing Set; (3) Department of Public Safety
DPSK Digital Pulse Shift Key
DR (1) Director; (2) Dissemination Requirement; (3) Directorate of Resources; (4) Detection Radar
DRA Defense Research Assessment
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRASH Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters
DRB Defense Resources Board
DRC (1) Defense Review Committee (NATO); (2) Defense Research Comment; (3) Data Reduction Center
DR&E Defense Research and Engineering
DRIC Defense Resource Identification Code
DRM Defense Research Memorandum
DRO Departmental Requirements Officer
DRP Disaster Relief Program
DRS (1) Data Relay Satellite; (2) DoD Imagery Requirements Structure; (3) Data Retrieval Subsystem;
(4) Data Reconstruction System
DRSA Defense Reconnaissance Support Activities
DRSEM Deployable Receive Segment Engineering Model
DRSN Defense Red Switch Network
DRSP (1) Defense Reconnaissance Support Program; (2) Defense Red Switched Program
DRU Direct Reporting Unit
DRZ Deep Reconnaissance Zone
DS (1) Defense Suppression; (2) Direct Support
DS&T Director of Science and Technology
DSA (1) Defense Supply Agency; (2) Direct Service Activities (SIGINT); (3) Directed Search Area; (4) Division Support Area; (5) Defense Security Agency (ROK); (6) Digital Signature Algorithm
D&SA Depth & Simultaneous Attack
DSAA Defense Security Assistance Agency
D&SABL Depth & Simultaneous Attack Battle Lab
DSARC Defense Systems Acquisition Review Council
DSAT (1) Developmental Submarine Analysis Terminal; (2) Defense Satellite
DSB Defense Science Board
DSC Defense Satellite Communications
DSCIS Daily Space Command Intelligence Summary
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System
DSC-SLEP Defense Satellite Communications System Service Life Enhancement Program
DSCSOC Defense Satellite Communications System Operations Center
DSDIO Director, Strategic Defense Initiative
DSE (1) Direct Support Element; (2) Division Support Element
DSEC Directorate of Security
DSFOB Daily Strategic Forces Order of Battle
DSG Defense Steering Group
DSI Defense Simulation Internet
DSIATP Defense Sensor Imagery Application Training Programs
DSIIB Direct Support Imagery Interpretation Brief
DSIMS Deployable SouthCom Intelligence Management System
DSI/TCCS Defense Simulation Internet/Theater Command and Control System
DSM Data Systems Modernization
DSN (1) Defense Switched Network; (2) Deep Space Network
DSNET Defense Integrated Secure Network
DSNET 1 Defense Integrated Secure Network 1 (SECRET level)
DSNET 2 Defense Integrated Secure Network 2 (TOP SECRET level)
DSNET 3 Defense Integrated Secure Network 3 (TS/SCI level)
DSO Direct Support Operator/Operations
DSP Defense Support Program
DSPO Defense Special Projects Office
DSR (1) Defense Source Register; (2) Data Service Request
DSRP Defense Space Reconnaissance Program
DSRV Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle
DSS (1) Decision Support System; (2) Devices, Simulators and Simulations
DSSCC Defense Special Security Communications Center
DSSCS Defense Special Secure Communications System
DSSCS/DIN Defense Special Security Communications System/Digital Intelligence Network
DSSR Deep Space Surveillance Radar
DSSS Defense Special Security System
DST (1) Daylight Savings Time; (2) Decision Support Template; (3) Decision Support Tools; (4) Direct Support Team; (5) Digital Support Team
DSTE Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment
DSTF Decision Support Task Force
DSTP Director, Strategic Target Planning
DSTS Deep Space Tracking System
DSU (1) Direct Support Unit; (2) Disk Storage Unit; (3) Data Service Unit (DCTN)
DSV Deep Submergence Vehicle
DSVT (1) Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal; (2) Digital Secure Voice Terminal
DT (1) Developmental Test; (2) Directorate for Science and Technology
DTA Directorate of Threat Analysis
DTC (1) Digital Tape Cassette; (2) Desktop Computer
DTC-2 Desktop Computer-2 (Navy)
DTD Digital Terrain Data
DT&E Developmental Test and Evaluation
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data
DTG Date-Time Group
DTI Doppler-Time-Intensity
DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
DTIO Deputy Target Intelligence Officer
DTIR Defense Technical Intelligence Report
DTLOMS Doctrine, Training, Leadership, Organization, Material, Soldiers
DTLS Descriptive Top-Level Specification
DTM (1) Data Transfer Module; (2) Digital Transfer Module; (3) Digital Target Materials
DTMF Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency
DTNSRDC David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research & Development Center
DTOC Division Tactical Operations Center
DTOCSE Division Tactical Operations Center Support Element
DTOLM Doctrine, Training, Organization, Leader Development and Material
DTD Data Transfer Device
DTP Drug Testing Program
DTS (1) Diplomatic Telecommunications System/Service; (2) Data Transmission System; (3) Direct Transmission System; (4) Dedicated Transmission Service
DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration
DTSG Digital Technology Subworking Group
DTSS Digital Topographic Support System
DTU Data Transfer Unit
DTUC Data Transfer Unit Cartridge
DUCA Distributed Users Coverage Antennas
DUG Deep Underground
DUPLEX Simultaneous Transmit and Receive
DVO Direct View Optics
DVM Digital Voice Module
DVTC Digital Voice Transmit Communications
D/TWP Director, Tactical Warfare Programs
DTWS Digital Topographic Work Station
DU (1) Decision Unit; (2) Depleted Uranium
DUA Directory User Agent
DUSD(AT) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Advanced Technology)
DUSD(P) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Policy)
DV Distinguished Visitor
DVI Digital Video Interactive
DVITS Digital Video Imagery Transmission System
DVO Defense Visit Offices
DWIO Duty Watch Intelligence Officer (Canadian)
DWIP Defense-Wide Intelligence Plan
DWS Disaster Warning System
DWT (1) Deadweight Ton; (2) Division Wing Team
DZ/LZ Drop Zone/Landing Zone
DZ/LZ/RZ Drop/Landing/Recovery Zone
DZS Drop Zone Study